Help (frequently asked questions)

Machineseeker is the world's leading online marketplace for used machinery. Over 2,00,000 offers from more than 8,100 sellers are currently online. As a potential customer you can send an inquiry to the seller free of charge and without registration or contact the seller directly by telephone.
As a buyer, you will find 2,00,000 Industrial machinery of all categories on the marketplace. A purchase inquiry is free of charge for you and without obligation. The respective seller will then usually contact you promptly. A potential transaction is not conducted through our marketplace and we do not receive any commission.
Use the search bar at the top of the screen like the Google search. Type in the name of the machine or vehicle you are looking for and press Enter or click on the magnifying glass. In the search results list you will find all the listings that match your search query. Click on the desired offer to view the details and send a request. You also have the option of searching in the individual categories.
You can send the provider an inquiry directly via e-mail. Simply use the blue inquiry form on the right in the listing or the blue button Contact seller (bottom left). You will also find the telephone or fax number below the inquiry form. If you click on the name of the dealer, the dealer profile (if available) opens with further information about your potential business partner.
A message can get lost or end up in the spam folder of the counterpart. Please contact the provider again - if necessary in another way such as telephone or fax. We ourselves only have the data that is published in the listing.
Via the dealers search you can display individual dealers. Use the search box at the top left or click your way through the dealers by calling up a category. Via the menu Search > Submit request you can send your request to all dealers of a category.
Recent auction highlights can be found here.
Data protection is very important to us. In order to prevent data theft, the watermark and/or the code are therefore entered in the text.
Sellers must adhere to our marketplace rules when creating listings. This includes, for example, the prompt deletion or pausing of sold machines. You can use the button "Report listing" in the respective listing to send us a message if a listing violates our marketplace rules and e.g. has already been sold.
Please contact us immediately so that we can check the case and take further steps. If a listing violates our marketplace rules, you can also forward your complaint to us via the button "Report listing" in the respective listing.
The Machineseeker trust seal gives you the opportunity to see at a glance whether you are dealing with a trustworthy seller. We check the trade licence or commercial register excerpt of the dealers as well as the postal address, verify the bank details and the availability by telephone before we finally draw up a credit report which does not contain any negative features. In addition, we must not have any complaints about the Dealer.
Machine requests are generally free of charge. Via the menu item "Search" select "Submit request" and follow the further instructions. You select a main category and the subcategory that matches your search query. Now enter your data in the fields provided. All dealers - in the selected category - will receive your purchase request. In this way you reach an enormous number of sellers and can count on a high response rate. Therefore, please remember to click on your preferred way to reply. Finally, click on "Send inquiry".
By clicking on this so called captcha we can exclude that you are not a robot that automatically sends inquiries. This protects our dealers from spam and a completely crowded email inbox.
Machineseeker is the world's leading online marketplace for stationary used equipment. Over 2,00,000 used and new machines are offered on over 60 international platforms. The more than 11 million website visitors per month can send a mail inquiry to the dealers or contact them directly by phone.
No, Machineseeker does not buy or sell any machines itself. Machineseeker is an Internet company and operator of the online marketplace on which more than 8,100 sellers currently offer their machines.
Over 11 million relevant and highly interested visitors visit Machineseeker every month. With your listing you reach exactly the target group that you are aiming at. Every month, used machines worth over 700 million euros are requested on Machineseeker. A potential buyer can contact you directly by phone or e-mail. Nowhere else will you sell Machines faster, easier and more profitably.
No! As a dealer you pay only for your listings. The marketplace is completely free of charge for buyers and prospects.
The dealer tariffs are intended for machine dealers and offer additional convenience functions such as data import or listing spider (from Händler PRO 100). Our one-time seller tariffs are not intended for dealers, but e.g. for producing companies that want to sell individual machines quickly and profitably.
No! All listings published on are automatically and free of charge displayed on the worldwide more than 60 country versions of our international portal Machineseeker, as well as on Werktuigen and Our platforms reach potential buyers from over 150 countries around the world in more than 45 languages!
When you place your ad, you can provide information in several languages. If you do not do this manually, your offer is automatically translated automatically. Unfortunately, a minor error rate cannot be ruled out here.
  1. Go to the Machineseeker main page and click on sell now in the top centre or sign up in the top right.
  2. Take your time when reviewing our subscription plans. Move your cursor on the question marks, to find additional information. If you do have any additional questions, please reach out to your personal contact Moritz Gisy with +44 20 806 810 84.
  3. Select a tariff that suits your needs by clicking on "Select tariff".
  4. Enter your data and click on “Next”.
  5. You have successfully registered. After a short check your customer account will be activated and you can log in with your customer number and password.
  6. Go to „PLACE AD“ at the top of the menu bar you will find the sub-item „Place ads for machines“. Click on it.
  7. Follow the instructions If you do have any questions, please call our support with +44 20 331 800 72.
Please follow our marketplace rules when creating your listing.
The interested party can send you an e-mail inquiry using the “Send inquiry“ form in the listing or have your telephone and fax number displayed.
When entering your listings, dealers can choose a publication period between 1-12 months. After the expiry of the period you have chosen, the listings will then be automatically removed from our database. However, you have the option of extending the listings before they expire. We will inform you via e-mail ten days before a listing is deactivated. Listings from one-time sellers remain online until they are deleted.
The listings of one-time sellers appear with a time delay of 24 hours on our marketplace. In this period, the offers are controlled by us and offered exclusively for sale to registered dealers. This is why you are already receiving initial offers to buy your machine, although your offer is not yet online on our platforms. After 24 hours your listing will be regularly displayed on our marketplace.
All listings are checked by us before activation. This can take up to 24 hours.
Analyses indicate that you will receive more inquiries from potential buyers with a detailed description of your offers. Listings with pictures, technical details, year of construction, location and condition are generally more frequently requested than listings with incomplete information.
For retailers: With the Machineseeker trust seal and an informative retailer profile, you can significantly increase inquiries and sales.
This requires you to be logged in. If this is not the case, please click on "Menu", "Login" and log in with your access data. You will be redirected to your user account. Now use the green button "+ Listing" at the top of the screen. Now you can easily edit listings by clicking on the adjacent buttons "Show", "Change", "Pause", "Delete", "Extend" or view the respective "Statistics". You can also activate, pause or extend all listings at the same time via the menu item "Changes to all listings". Especially dealers with many listings can easily find their ads using the „Quick Search“ or „Power Search“. By clicking on "More" in the line "Sort" you can also sort all listings according to certain parameters.
Please clear your browser cache. When you return to the ad, you should see the current photos.
The number with listings in search results represents the number of times your listings have been displayed in the search results. Direct advertising shows the number of times your listings have been visited. The Sales Inquiries counter measures the number of requests emailed to you.
As soon as you have booked a retailer tariff, all options for data import are included in your tariff (manual Excel import, automatic CSV import & real-time API). Using the imports you can add your listings to our system and automatically keep them up to date. Further information can be found in your user account. For technical questions about the import function, please contact our customer support.
With our cost-effective advertising system, you can target over 11 million users per month on auf Maschinensucher and/or Machineseeker. Start advertising now for as little as 69 with a focus on your field of business. We will be happy to consult you at +44 20 806 810 84. Registered users can book advertising campaigns directly via their customer account.
With the Machineseeker trust seal we certify trustworthy dealers. Interested buyers from around the world can spot at first glance, which of our dealers have been certified. As a dealer you will profit from increased buyer confidence, listing displays, inquiries and turnover.
We at Machineseeker are convinced that we offer a great product for a very fair price. Convince yourself and sell machines with us for 12 months – free of any risk. We just apply one condition to returning your money, which we believe is fair: You are a machine dealer and consistently offer at least 10 machines during the contract duration. If, contrary to expectations, you are not convinced of our offer after the contract period has expired, we will refund the amount invoiced in full!
As a registered customer, you can recover your password here.
As a registered customer, you can recover your password here. Bank transfer, credit card or PayPal can settle the invoice. We also offer direct debit mandate.
Please send us your cancellation in writing by fax or mail to: Contact.
We are happy to process e-mails - but please make sure that you receive a cancellation confirmation from us.
Please contact us immediately so that we can check the case and take further steps. Should a listing violate our marketplace rules you can also forward your complaint to us via the “Report“ button in the respective listing.
Data protection is very important to us. In order to prevent data theft, the watermark and/or the code are therefore entered in the text.
Our support will be happy to help you. You can reach support at +44 20 331 800 72 or by e-mail at .