Wirecon Machinery GmbH

Wirecon Machinery GmbH from Bad Bentheim:

used equipment for wire processing industry, steel-traiding and pre-cast concrete plants

• Reinforcing mesh industry
• Mesh products industry
• Industrial mesh industry
• Refrigerator condenser industry



• Reinforcing mesh welders
• Industrial mesh welders
• Refrigerator condenser welders
• Wire straighteners and cutters
• Cold rolling lines
• Turner & Stacker
• Spare parts
• Wire butt welders
• Shear / trimming systems

Ms Gülhan Yeral
Möllenkamp 12
48455 Bad Bentheim

More classifieds & machinery offers:
Mesh welder
Mesh welder PRATTO POB-36-2100

Complete production plant for production of 3D fence panels Isvojrq Plant consist of - Mesh line for 3D fence fully automatic ( Brand - PRATTO ) Powder coating line for 3D fence... ...

Mesh welder
Mesh welder SCHLATTER PG12

wire diameter 1,5-8,5 mm working width 1200 mm welding capacity 6 x70 kVA line wire distance 50 mm distance of cross wires 10-250 mm output - strokes/min max. 90 F3Huodx... ...

Mesh welder
Mesh welder SCHLATTER PG8

wire diameter 1,5-6,5 mm working width 850 mm line wire distance 20-60 mm distance of cross wire 10-100 mm Bofjq2Rvtlu... ...

Coordinate jig wire mesh welder
Coordinate jig wire mesh welder IDEAL CSR 201

CSR Typ. 201 wire mesh production line CSR Project JIg welding machine Year of manufacture 1996 Switch / control cabinet kVa125 Control: W/Siemens Handheld Computer Control Moun... ...

Mesh welder
Mesh welder Custom built VM2005

Manual Mesh welding line Brand - Custom made Min/ max wire diam. - 4,00 - 10.00 mm Zfbtplfe Max width of mesh panels - 2,150mm Construction year - 2006. Total installed power -... ...

Mesh welder
Mesh welder EVG ATT 10/102

Mesh welding line EVG model ATT 10/102 M88Ockqhq Please see attached document.... ...

Mesh welder
Mesh welder Schlatter MG24

Schlatter mesh welding line G3Efkmp2U Please contact us for more details. Thank you!... ...

3D fence panels
3D fence panels Pratto POBH-2500

3D fence panels production line PRATTO High performance mesh welding line designed to produce high quality wire mesh 3D fence panels including Eurofence and "V" shaped fence. Equ... ...

Mesh welder
Mesh welder SMH 1600 1600

Technical Details : Year of manufacture: 1985 (fully electric in 2007, partial in 2010 underwent a mechanical overhaul.) The mesh max. width: 1500 mm Mesh density: 15 welding heads... ...

Mesh welder
Mesh welder SMH 2000 2000

Technical Details : Year of manufacture: 2004 Pg7Qnpbdvh The mesh max. width: 2200 mm Mesh density: 20 welding heads in arbitrary distribution (40 heads are also possible) Increme... ...

Mesh welder
Mesh welder EVG GD4U/102

Mesh welder is good and working Cpos9W9N... ...

Mesh welder
Mesh welder Filzmoser GT4

Technical Details : Year - 2009 Beam welding machine outlet height: 1400mm (UK beam from ground) C90Edye Min. strap length: 0.8 m Max. beam length: 16.0 m Base width during produc... ...

Mesh welder
Mesh welder EVG GD6/102

FULLY AUTOMATIC - Mesh welding line EVG GD6 Construction year – 1999. The line was refurbished in 2015. Production is stopped at the end of 2020. B9T8Fned Available complete docu... ...

Mesh Welding Line
Mesh Welding Line COM-IT Italy CO24

Mesh welding line Bi29Sy80T38 Brand - COM-IT ( Italy) Year - 2005. Line and cross wires from precut wires / bars Min/max wire diam.- 4,00 - 12,00 mm Max width of mesh - 2.500 mm... ...

Mesh welder
Mesh welder Schlatter MG320

FULLY automatic mesh welding line SCHLATTER DOUBLE CROSS WIRE FEEDING / WELDING 0P3Ozukq Model - MG320 Year - 2003. Line and cross wires from coils.... ...

Mesh welder
Mesh welder SCHLATTER/SMEI PG 24

Complete Mesh welding/Lattice girder factory Factory consists : - Mesh welding line SCHLATTER PG 24 , Semi- automatic , Year - 2002 - Lattice Girder Line SMEI , Full automatic , Y... ...

Mesh welding line
Mesh welding line SCHLATTER MG 303

1: Schlatter model MG 303 Commission 4484 – 4768 – full automated 24 longitudinal wires and 2 transversal wire. Wire thickness: 3,7 mm up to 6 mm ; High performance between 3,7 mm ... ...

Mesh welding line
Mesh welding line EVG 12/102

1 x EVG Mesh Welding plant, Type GE 12/102-PV, year of production 2005, installed in 2006 For production of standard reinforcing mesh with line wire spacing of 100 mm and multiples... ...

Mesh welding line
Mesh welding line Schlatter / Filzmoser MG24

Mesh welding line Schlatter with intergated (built-in) straight and cut machine C0Tw7C3Uwt IMPORTANT - line will be available for delivery in NOVEMBER 2023. Schlatter PG24 - YOM... ...

Fine Mesh Welding Line
Fine Mesh Welding Line VEB - DRAWEBA DDANS 17 l

Technical details : -Manufacturer- DRAWEBA - Model - DDANS 17 l - Year - 1978 Cxitits3Jl - Wire Diameter - 1,4 -1,6 mm - Mesh opening size - 10x10 mm min. - Mesh width - 1600 mm... ...

EPS wire mesh panels production line
EPS wire mesh panels production line Italian SA-01

FOR SALE - complete production line for EPS wire mesh panels for construction use. Construction line is made in year 2005. but have only 300 working hours. Still installed. Made i... ...

PVC powder coating line for fence panels
PVC powder coating line for fence panels Serbia KB 3/8

Manual PVC powder coating line for 3D fence panels ( NEVER USED ) Type of coating – electrostatic PVC coating line is semi-automatic. Need 2-3 workers. Capacity of furnace – 10... ...

Lattice girder line
Lattice girder line Pittini Impianti ( Italy) TS200

Lattice girder line PITTINI IMPIANTI (Italy) Brand name – Pittini Impianti ( made in Italy) Built year – 1999. Qzwz2 Still installed, under power, production stoped 5 years ago. ... ...

Flexible Mesh welding line
Flexible Mesh welding line EUROBEND PLC28

MESH WELDING LINE EUROBEND this mesh line is able to produce engineered / FLEXIBLE mesh and standard mesh panels. Wire diameter range for this mesh line is from 6,00 mm t... ...

Mesh welding line
Mesh welding line PRATTO Starweld PC-SA

Features: Line & cross wire feeding from pre-straightened and cut bars Automatic feeding of cross wires from hopper Manual feeding of line wires Automatic Panel stacking Excellent ... ...