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Saber saw, foxtail, tiger saw, reciprocating saw, circular saw -Power: 550 W -Cutting depth up to: 40 mm -Speed: 3500 rpm Bhfzjgjkyw -Dimensions: 310/200/H180 mm -Weight: 2.5 kg
Certified Dealer
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Appen Germany
6459 km
excellent (used)
1. reciprocating saw, manufacturer: Makita, type: DJR 187, S/N: 0331901Y, 1 x 3.0 Ah battery + charger Makita DC18RA incl. carrying case 2b92ju2z
Fein Stichsaege fuer Rohre bis Durchm. 440 mm mit ASTXE 649 Fein electronic Bestellnr. 723408 ( bei Neukauf l. Katalog) Nennaufnahme: 750 Watt 240 Volt 50 Hz Leistungsabgabe: 480 Watt Hubzahl: 100-350 /min stufenlose elektronische Hubzahl einstellung fuer opitmale Schnittgesch. Hublaenge: 60 mm Gewicht: 6.2 kg max. Werkstoffdicke: Rohre bis 440 mm Profile bis B x H : 290 x550 mm Zubehoer: Spannvorrichtung fuer Rohre bis 440 mm B0imdac Werkzeugkoffer, diverse Saegeblaetter guter gebraucht...
Saw blade set for pneumatic saw, reciprocating saw, body saw (LUCH-00076). 2-piece saw blade set especially for the body saw Zionair (LUCH-00088). AIR TOOLSAir tools, also called pneumatic tools, are often used in combination with a compressor. The compressor can be connected to the tool with an air hose. The air pressure from the compressor ensures that the pneumatic tools start working. What are air tools? Air tools work on air, as the word already indicates, or by means of gasses which ensur...
For further information please contact the seller. Bqkwgf2ws8
Staufenberg Germany
6555 km
good (used)
Jigsaw make FEIN type ASKE 649 Make # 847449 Technical data: Power 750 W Einoldmaa Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz with - Chain tube tensioner - approx. 35 new saw blades used, in good condition
Saber saw, foxtail, tiger saw, reciprocating saw -Industrial jigsaw with: lubrication -Voltage: 220 V Nt7pz -Power: 750 W -Sawing capacity: wood/aluminum/steel 120/30/12 mm -Price: per piece -Number: 2 pieces -Dimensions: 360/120/H300 mm -Weight: 6.8 kg/piece
Air powered jigsaw, Body saw, Compressor saw, Rezipro saw on air, Zionair (LUCH-00359). Reciprocating air powered body saw ideal for work on sheet metal, exhausts ft an air consumption of 120 l/e saw comes with 2 blades and e ZionAir air powered body saw easily cuts straight and curves through 1,6mm thick metal, 2,0mm thick aluminium and 2,5mm thick plastic aal for work on body, exhausts and roofs. Specifications: Includes 2 saw blades = 18T and 14T Speed = 9000rpm Average air consumption = 85L/...
Flush saw, hand flush circular saw Z9oe0yt2 -Voltage: 220 V -Power: 130 W -Speed: 11,000 rpm -Price: per piece -Number: 1 piece -Dimensions: 245/110/H240 mm -Weight: 4 kg/piece
Dremel HSS Saw Set, 6 piece (GERE-00413) Shaft size: 3,17mm Blades with a diameter of: 22mm + 25mm + 32mm + 35mm + 44mm Ideal for precision cutting of Plastic, Alumminium, Copper, Brass and Wood C7zw0ty0c
Saber saw, foxtail, tiger saw, reciprocating saw -Nominal consumption: 500 W -Cutting depth up to: 80 mm -Dimensions: 230/65/H210 mm Jicdauz -Weight: 2.6 kg
Saw blade aluminum, Iron saw, Iron saw (GERE-01589) Material : Aluminum Saw blade size : 150 mm Replaceable saw blade Bqmpdm7c77
Saber saw, foxtail, tiger saw, reciprocating saw -Flex reciprocating saw: SK -Nominal consumption: 1200 W -in: the suitcase Ckoq0vi0 -Dimensions: 610/120/H250 mm -Weight: 5.8 kg
Saw blades set, jigsaw blades 4 pcs (GERE-00182). 6 TPI 200 mm: Chipboard, PVC/Plastic general, plasterboard 18 TPI 145 mm: Chipboard, PVC/Plastic general, plasterboard 10 TPI 150 mm: Metal and wood with nails 6 TPI 150 mm: Metal, alloys and stainless steel Bqmpjvfzcs
Saber saw, foxtail saw, tiger saw, reciprocating saw, circular saw -Power: 1200 W Bjcotrq8kw -Cutting depth up to: 66 mm -Speed: 5000 rpm -Dimensions: 350/250/H2300 mm -Weight: 5.5 kg
Saber saw, foxtail saw, tiger saw, reciprocating saw, circular saw -Power: 700 W -Cutting depth up to: 45 mm -Speed: 3150 rpm Bjcouetjsy -Dimensions: 280/235/H190 mm -Weight: 3.6 kg
Saber saw, foxtail, tiger saw, reciprocating saw -Nominal consumption: 250 W Mu2ry0 -Cutting depth up to: 45 mm -Dimensions: 190/65/H185 mm -Weight: 1.6 kg
Pipe saber saw, pipe jigsaw, beam jigsaw, saber saw, foxtail -Nominal consumption: 750 W -Stroke length: 60 mm -Max. Material thickness -Pipes up to: max. Ø 300 mm -div. Saw blades -Weight: 5 kg Vqlp8q
Saber saw, foxtail, tiger saw, reciprocating saw -Nominal consumption: 700 W -in the suitcase -Dimensions: 570/135/H230 mm Hikwzuley -Weight: 10 kg
Saber saw, foxtail, tiger saw, reciprocating saw -Nominal consumption: 400 W -in: case with saw blades -Dimensions: 340/280/H100 mm Bfidtg2y8d -Weight: 3.2 kg

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