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Identified location: India (Edit)
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6627 km
lathe chiseltotal weight: appr. 4,5t C7ctasd0
Trenčín, Slovakia Slovakia
(dealership location)
6194 km
ready for operation (used)
Screw from injection molding machine Husky E2700 - 140mm, L/D20 Screw Diamterer:140 mm, L/D 20 Bskqwijkyo Never been used.
Causeway Park, Central Rd, Warrington WA4 6RF, UK United Kingdom
7640 km
refurbished (used)
Moulding Tool for manufacturing Cutlery 32 impression moulds ran on 250 - 300ton Knife 32 impression. Weight 8 grams each. Tool Dimensions: Mould Height 500. Width 400. Shut Height 250mm. Fork 24 impression. Weight 6 grams each. Tool Dimensions: Mould Height 500. Width 500. Shut Height 250mm. Spoon 24 impression. Weight 7 grams each. Mould Height 500. Width 500. Shut Height 300mm. Material proceed: PP / PS / Bio. Kab7hz Machines used 250 / 300ton PRICE: 12900 Euros (Loaded to Transport)
barrel and screws original Cincinnati Titanium /CMT 45 3lobnz02 for profile very good condition, with heating and fan motors
Three-phase low-pressure fan Manufacturer: Karl Klein Ventilatorenbau Type: DNG 6-22.5/S15 Year of manufacture: unknown Motor power: 700 W Speed: 2900 rpm. Volume flow: 22m³/min. Pressure: 670 Pa Connection inlet: d = 143 mm Output connection: 95 x 105 mm Dimensions: 281 / 296 / H 301mm Weight: approx. 10,5 kg Remark: The fan was overhauled in 2018 by a specialist workshop for approx. € 200 (invoice available). After that, the fan was no longer in operation. A total of 7 pieces are in stock. ...
Budapest Hungary
6097 km
good condition (used)
- Krauss Maffei MC3 EK 200 card (2x) - Krauss Maffei MC3 EK 201 card - Krauss Maffei MC3 LV 200 card with LVR 10 card (2x) - Krauss Maffei MC3 PR 201 card Bfpyuqesak - Krauss Maffei MC3 PR 202 card - Krauss Maffei MC3 KR 100 card - Krauss Maffei MC3 EPR10 card - Krauss Maffei MC3 EPR11 card - Krauss Maffei MC3 EPR20 card - Krauss Maffei MC3 VU100 card - Krauss Maffei MC3 KMV2 card - Krauss Maffei MC3 CPU100 card (2x) - Krauss Maffei MC3 BT100 card - Krauss Maffei MC3 IA100 card - Krauss Maffei ...
This pump model I have 2 X E9eictxgy The pump was installed in an ALBIS temperature control unit
Hennef, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6979 km
Used Feedblock for up to 5 layers Gfwgwxp
Lager/Stock 7068 Bbx7rgx2p2 Nozzle M70 x 3 IG, Krauss Maffei SN 6224585 R40, D6 Drilling
Material : PP Xeg7k Cavity: 10 Lid Diameter: 101 mm
- agregat card ARB 425 Bfpzddofv2 - analog output card ARB ARB 390 - output card ARB 409 - base board card SN. 193170 + SN 143537 ARB 729 + SN 173858 - panel card ARB 256, ARB 414 - control card ARB 692 - CPU card ARB 726, ARB 251 - diagnose card ARB 389 - disk controller card ARB 500 - input card ARB 254, ARB 705 - injection control card ARB 460, ARB 328, - elektronic card ARB 252, ARB 255, ARB 380 - inside press card ARB 259 - base board card ARB 372, ARB 523 - motor control card ARB 307, ARB...
This pump was located in a temperature control unit from the company Tool-Temp Bjljfiz30z Model TT157E
set of barrel and twin-screws for KRAUSS-MAFFEI KMD 105 Blnbdbwe0
Neustadt, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6833 km
Pressure translators Krauss Maffei for KM 110/125 SN 8199380 New Stock 5103 Go0bgoomo
Budapest, Hungary Hungary
(dealership location)
6097 km
good (used)
injection unit to Battenfeld .../500 machine with hydromotor and Moog valve screw diameter 40 mm 9ggd789x9 the screw need repair!
2 pieces in stock Bjljfslco0 were installed in a temperature control unit from ALBIS
Königswinter Germany
6987 km
good (used)
used T-die 2250 mm, gap up to 1 mm Stb7sc auto-flex, cast film
Lager/Stock 5021 Nnfp7 Valve 4/2 Bosch Nr. 0810 090 107 Used.
Willstätt-Eckartsweier, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6939 km
Various spare parts for SOMOS dryers Nahpp e.g.: gear wheels, electrical parts, desiccant chambers, filter elements, blowers, heating elements, motors, sight glasses, turbines, magnetic valves or cylinders can be offered on demand
SYDFEE Electro-Hydraulic Control System on an Axial Piston Variable Displacement Pump Bkyo2yh
set, packed in wooden box, screw and barrel for 150 mm extruder, Wnbng grooved feeding bush, screw with shearing and mixing element
Stock # 3130 Ynb0ypdz IA 100 card, used, manufactor: Krauss Maffei article code: 5089724
ENGEL injection unit SP 2050 Pumgc3 D: 60 mm
Meinerzhagen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6955 km
MOOG valve for ENGEL injection moulding machine Ba7mddmnnt
Valve, prop. force, Manufacturer: Moog Mod.: D688Z4702G / Typ: B04HXUW6SEY2-X / Year 2004 Mod.: D820-2003 / Typ: D2274 / Year 2018 Mod.: D633-7205 / Typ: A08KA4M0VAJ / Year 2004 Used in good condition, works well Gkymx7vlo
Sandretto injection moulding screw H8kzgav Diameter: 120 mm Length : 3200 mm (3.2 metres) brand new complete
Stock # 3009 LV 200 Accessories / amplifier card, used Manufactor: Krauss Maffei I8le93jio Article code: 5089960
Indramat Servo drive module TDM 3.2-20-300-W0 Zoywoix7 ENGEL S/N: 02220-8012
Was installed in a Husky injection molding machine Bg0dfti9jm
Moulding Tool for manufacturing " Paint Trays" (Picture of the product and tool attached) Product weight : 267 gr Product Diemsions : W= 30 cm + L= 40 cm Fully Refurbished in 2017 With Hot Runner Controller 18 Sec Cycle Time Will fit in 250 Machine Bdgppitm2i The mould / Tool is made in UK
Stock # 3019 Beho803qa3 EPR 10 Memory card, used Manufactor: Krauss Maffei Article code: 5089734
completely refurbished clamping unit for Krauss Maffei KM 50 C Oaacn
Meinerzhagen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6955 km
Complete control CC 90 for ENGEL injection moulding machines Ba2psic0gq
Central Avenue, 2-4 Causeway Park, Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington WA4 6QS, UK United Kingdom
7640 km
good (used)
Lager/Stock # 3213 KIT PR Card MC2/MC3 Be8rjhlksj Manufacturer: Krauss Maffei Nr. 5080429 used.
Pump SYDFE1-2X/100R-PPA12N00-0000-A1X0XXX-K01, MNR:R901199852, FD:15W42, 3442739 Gicccj3ry
Meinerzhagen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6955 km
various boards CC 90 for ENGEL injection moulding machines Izetaup
Lager/Stock # 3140 BR 400 Operating computer Card Be8rndktww Manufacturer: Krauss Maffei SN: 5089320 used.
Completely refurbished clamping unit for Krauss Maffei KM 200 C Blbyeoq

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