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Double mitre box saws for sale

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GEMINI - II A Semi-automatic, digital twin-head cutting-off machine, 2x blade Ø 400 mm, twin-cutting APPLICATION: For cutting aluminium, plastics and wooden profiles MAIN FEATURES: - Hydro-pneumatic cutting - Safe cuts thanks to the fitting of a cover. - Manual positioning at all stages between -45° and +45° - 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45° right and left fixed angles - quick manual adjustment - Automatic positioning of cutting length - PLC control system Iyjeni9p - Possibility of storing dimensions ...
Cutting saw for wood, aluminium and plastic profiles, double mitre saw for special angles from 20 to 135 degrees stepless motorized Elss7dgvm A video of the running machine can be sent on request. Positioning control PCE 5000 with colour screen, for single cuts and program cuts, profile data and cutting data records can be stored. The machine is equipped with many extras. cutting length approx. 5100mm with software stop overlength by reaching around Software stop for short parts Swivel range fro...
Cutting length 5,350 mm Saw blade diameter maximum 325 mm, swivel range: 90° - 45° pneumatic with hydropneumatic saw feed vertical workpiece clamping automatic positioning control traversing speed approx. 20m/min roller conveyor moving with the right sawing unit 2 HSS circular saw blades 325 mm diameter Nnmrj7az software for overlength and underlength cuts and cycle cuts
Köln, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7000 km
Weight:4600 kg range L-W-H:4350 x 1070 x 2690 mm dimensions of saw-band:8250 x 54 x 1,6 mm 29e7qmtu The Kaltenbach bandsaw KBS 1001 from year 2004 is a semi-automatic high-performance band saw for sawing Profiles and has a miter cutting device. This band saw requires a length measuring system which can be offered as an option.
Very well maintained double mitre saw from Elumatec. The control including field bus was recently revised by Elumatec. Technical specifications please refer to the Elumatec Internet portal, machine is in original condition. Network card is integrated. Ke0bgw73 Function cycle cut with it. Short dimension stop also included. CE declaration is included. Place of collection is in Italy Vahrn - Forchstraße 6/A, the company headquarters is located directly at the motorway exit, approx. 1km distance.
The solid cast construction with integrated turn table ensures optimal profile support for cutting to length with angular accuracy Continuous pivoting range adjustment of the saw heads from 0° to 45° to the left and right. This makes external and internal dimension cuts possible Vertical and horizontal pneumatic material clamping units ensures optimal profile fixation Equipped with saw blades as standard Equipped with digital display E 111 as standard Pulsed coolant system Cutting length varia...
Double mitre saw Manufacturer: Haffner Type: DGS 189 Year of manufacture: 1989 cutting length: 3.930 mm cutting height: approx. 100 mm Power: 2 x 2,2 kW speed: 2.800 rpm Saw blade diameter: 300 mm Bw3qvkoei9 Tiltable: yes Tiltable: yes Clamping: Pleumatic cylinder
GEMINI IV SA Semi-automatic, digital twin-head cutting-off saw, 2 x blade Ø 450 mm APPLICATION: For cutting aluminium, plastics and wood profiles MAIN FEATURES: - Hydropneumatic cutting - Safe cuts thanks to the cover with safety sensor - Manual positioning on all steps between 45° and 90° - Batch processing and precision cutting - Programming process and large memory - Automatic calculation of the cutting length - PLC control system Bhmgw9zmsa - Cutting capacity of 4000mm and 6000mm profiles wi...
Double miter saw Rapid Model DGL 220 for cutting aluminum, wood and plastic profiles with automatic positioning of the saw heads. Cutting length max - 7000 mm Swivel range continuously motorized 20 ° to 135 ° Cutting height at 90 ° - 340 mm Pdxqd Cutting height at 45 ° - 360 mm Cutting width 170 mm Saw blade diameter 2 x 500 mm Saw blade speed 2800 / min Reinforced motor power 2 x 3 kW Saw feed speed adjustable with oil brake Spraying device 2 vertical clamps + 2 horizontal clamps and...
2 heads swivel angle 45 degres length 6000MM Bkan87rkfy
OFFER 21227 Technical data: - saw blade diameter 550 mm - max. cutting length 6000 mm - smallest cutting length at 90° + 45° 335 mm - cutting range see diagram enclosed - swivelling range to the inside pneumatically 90 - 45 ° - swivelling range inwards manual 22,5 ° - Swivel range outwards 140 ° - Tilting range inwards pneumatic 90 - 45 ° - Saw blade speed 2800 rpm - Drive 400 V / 2 x 4000 Watt Pfn79 - space requirement approx. W 8000 x H 1600 x D 1400 mm - weight approx. 2800 kg - with: -...
cutting length 4000mm Saw blade diameter 450mm Position detection of the movable aggregate via direct measuring system with magnetic tape 2 HM saw blades Ztzvn0uz Pneumatic full protection hoods over the cutting area Two horizontal and vertical clamping devices with low pressure safety device Profile support roller conveyor Cuts with saw blades ø 450 mm in the mitre range from 22°30' (external) to 90° Manual profile support Pre-equipment for automatic start of chip extraction device MG4 incl. th...
CNC - Double mitre saw make ELUMATEC type DG 104 machine. # 25870 built 1990 technical data: saw blade diameter 420 mm saw blade bore 30 mm motor type / current: three-phase current Operating voltage: 220 / 380V, 50 Hz Output power: 4000 W per motor 45 + 90 ° pitch range Blade speed 2800 U / min. section sh. diagram sick cutting length 335 mm power of 2 x 4000 W. B7qkigl3 dimensions 6050 x 1600 x 1450 mm weight of 1520 kg with CNC control E 255 used but in very good condition Price € 3500, - W...
GEMINI V R - disc extension up to 185mm Fully automatic, digital twin-headed angle saw, blade Ø 550 mm APPLICATION: For cutting aluminium, plastics and wood profiles MAIN FEATURES: - Hydropneumatic cutting - slice function - Safe cuts thanks to the cover with safety sensor - Automatic positioning on all degrees between -22.5 ° to + 45 ° with servo system - Batch processing and precision cutting - Programming process and large memory - Automatic calculation of the cutting length - Touch control p...
Mühlheim am Main Germany
6869 km
good (used)
Machine type: Double mitre saw for aluminium, plastic, wood, with electronic positioning control AC90F positioning control: electronic positioning control AC90F Year of manufacture: 1983 Condition: good Offer type: used machine technical data: max. cutting Ø: 135 mm max. cutting length: 5000 mm saw blade Ø: 420 mm drive: 2 x 3,0 kW Remark: 4 spare blades, chip extraction system, pneum. material clamping, roller conveyor, Buaerypxb7 coolant unit Weight: 850 kg
6500 mm jaw feed Remaining piece flap strip deviation control Micronizer SLE 600 Extension version M330 3M Vertical roller VR-M H8mnl8f Remaining piece remover DSTV interface
Distance between saws at 90°max : 4000 mm Cutting height at 90° : 200 mm Vf2zkzs Cutting with: 130 mm Power: 5,1 kW Weigth: 1260 kg
cutting length 5000mm 3 axes internal and external dimension cutting large cutting area operation via two-hand control machine underframe as solid welded construction memory for 500 cutting lists with 1.000 data sets each (keyboard input) bar optimisation data transfer from external calculation systems possible (option) Be0tkx2 automatic length positioning of the X-axis via DC motor, travel speed approx. 20 m/min. saw motors with 2,2 kW, 2.800 rpm automatic electronic mitre adjustment as standar...
Optimum Optisaw SD 500 Double mitre metal band saw with swivelling saw bow Art. no. 3292380 length approx. 2122 mm width/depth approx. 1046 mm Height approx. 1497 mm Weight approx. 522 kg Electrical data Motor power coolant pump 100 W Total connected load 3.8 kW Supply voltage 400 V Mains frequency 50 Hz Machine data Saw band speed(s) 35 / 70 m/min Saw band length 3770 mm Saw band width 34 mm Saw band thickness 1,1 mm Cutting angle 45 - -60 ° Feed Hydraulic via lowering cylinder Lifting of the s...
GEMINI VI Automatic, digital twin-headed, 2x Ø 600 mm automatic angle saw blade APPLICATION: For cutting aluminium, plastics and wood profiles MAIN FEATURES: Ixcmuntn - Hydropneumatic cutting - Safe cuts thanks to the cover with safety sensor - Automatic positioning on all degrees between -22.5 ° to + 45 ° with servo motion system - Adjustable disc extension - Touch control panel - PLC control system - Cutting capacity of profiles from 410mm to 5050mm (between heads), max. profile length in load...
Hörbach Austria
6501 km
ready for operation (used)
The machine was used for cutting aluminum profiles and is functional. More information on request. Buakb3wuam
Double mitre saw Buk20jzzjx Eisele VMS ALD BJ 1967 Power 2,2 KW Clamping - Sawing = Pneumatic Saw was used in window construction.
Manufacturer: EBG-TECH Type: BMW N-63 Year: 2008 Max. disk diameter: 300 mm Overall size: 1900 x 1200 x 2900 mm Ojigv Weight: 1750 kg
cutting length 5200mm Saw blade diameter 350mm The Twin Ferro is a double mitre saw with frontal movable saw blades for sawing steel and stainless steel profiles. By using servo - motors it is possible to position both sawing units at right angles to 45°, 90°, + 135° and on all vertical mitres with a precision of 240 intermediate positions per degree. The movement of the sawing unit is automatic and electronically controlled on guides that guarantee the machine high dimensional accuracy and stab...
FOM Industrie Double Head Saw STEEL 35 350 mm disc Minimal Lubrication system Head activation on panel, possible to cut only with left head, right head or both Budww730i9 6 pneumatic clamps
GEMINI V SA - disc extension up to 185mm Semi-automatic twin-headed saw blade, blade:2 x Ø 550 mm APPLICATION: For cutting aluminium, plastics, wood MAIN FEATURES: - Hydropneumatic cutting - Safe cuts thanks to the cover with safety sensor - High-speed positioning in steps 22.5°, 45° to 90° - Manual positioning of any intermediate angle within the available span range - Precision cutting - Maximum internal angle 90 degrees, maximum external angle -22.5 degrees APPLICABILITY TO SELECT THE TYPE OF...
Engine type: automatic aluminium double mitre sawing machine, Control: Beckhoff P10-L with digital display, max. cutting length for double cut: 4000 mm, Saw blade Ø: 500 mm, Cutting height: max. 230 mm, Cutting width: max. 150 mm, Drive: 2 x 2.2 kW, J9nvzb Remark:, Mitre cuts up to 45° adjustment el./pneum.., el./pneum. material clamping vertically and horizontally, Coolant system, Roller conveyor 4400 mm, Weight: 1000 kg,
Pfungstadt, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6885 km
Double mitre saw Image Technical data Article number: MA917 Manufacturer: Elu Type: DG 79 Year of construction: 1981 Machine number: 27184 Weight [kg]: ca. 550 Power supply: 380V / 2x2KW Gear [RPM]: 2100/3800 Saw blade diameter: 330 Cutting range: 0-45 ° / 4500 mm length 3whvjh8d Length stop: adjustable by hand Accessories: Pneumatic clamping
Wiesbaden, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6914 km
cutting length: min./max. bei 90° 330/5000 mm disk of circular saw-Ø: 450/500 mm min. cutting length at 90°: 330 mm space needed: 6760 x 1590 x 1700 mm Jj2tjwgoy weight: 1550 kg
- please also see the attached brochure - Double mitre saw with 3 controllable axes with automatically moving sawing unit and electronic control of all mitres from 45° (inside) to 15° (outside) with an accuracy of 280 intermediate positions per degree. cutting length 5000mm Gfd0bwin Saw blade diameter 550mm incl. optional clamping devices moving roller conveyor Software for overlength and underlength cutting, cross-cut, wedge cut Driver for connection to external calculation programs Preparation...
Ahaus, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7004 km
as good as new (ex-display)
* Mitre left 60° + right 45 * hydraulic vice Cxpbffv * Material button (reduction of the cycle time) * Additional function: Move saw frame at standstill via lift/lower switch * solid vice, cutting pressure feed regulator * Amperemeter = display for optimum cutting settings and saw blade wear * Machine base frame with automatic cooling system and removable chip tray technical data: * Cutting speed 37+74 m/min * Motor 400V 50Hz 1,1 / 1,3 kW * saw blade dimensions 2965x27x0,9mm * Weight 310 kg cutt...
GEMINI X (disc extension up to 418mm) Automatic radial bi-head cutting-off saw, 2x Ø 550 mm blade with large cutting range APPLICATION: For cutting aluminium, plastics MAIN FEATURES: - Hydropneumatic cutting - Safe cuts thanks to the cover with safety sensor - Automatic positioning on all steps between 30° and 90° with servo motion system - Adjustable disc extension - Touch control panel - PLC control system Bhmglcklqy - Cutting capacity of profiles from 450mm to 6000mm (between heads), maximum ...
Metal Double Miter Saw MDS350 The metal double miter saw MDS350 enables the fast processing of steel profiles. The steel is cut precisely on both sides with a 370 mm saw blade. Infinitely variable feed rates enable an optimal cutting result with a minimal cycle time. Why Choose WEGOMA? Strong frequency-controlled motors Infinitely variable feed Bttgm9arqi Automatic positioning and tilting of the saw units Safety fence and light strip included in the standard scope of delivery Automated cut in...
Cutting range round / square 90°: 255 mm / 210 x 210 mm Cutting range flat 90°: 310 x 210 mm Cutting range round / square 45°R: 220 mm / 210 x 210 mm Cutting range flat 45°R: 220 x 200 mm Cutting range round / square 45°L: 230 mm / 200 x 200 mm Cutting range flat 45°L: 230 x 200 mm Cutting range round / square 60°R: 135 mm / 135 x 135 mm Cutting range flat 60°R: 135 x 135 mm working height: 930 mm saw blade dimensions: 2750 x 27 x 0,9 mm cutting speeds: 35 / 70 m/min Coolant pump: 100 W Motor ou...
Wiesbaden, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6914 km
cutting length: 5000 mm Tf3stl disk of circular saw-Ø: je nach Bedarf 420 - 500 mm space needed: 6400 x 1400 x 1700 mm weight: ca. 1600 kg
Kassel, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6828 km
good (used)
for aluminium and plastic profiles Saegeblatt-Ø 350 mm Cutting length 4000 mm Cutting areas: Flat profiles straight cuts 180 x 80 mm mitered 120 x 80 mm Angle 180 x 80 mm straight cuts Lxxbmzdc mitered 120 x 90 mm Pipes straight cutting Ø 110 mm mitered Ø 110 mm Solid material ø 80 mm Blade RPM 1700/3400 RPM Engine power 1.8 / 2.6 kw 1450 / 2860 RPM Weight approx. 900 kg
-Saw blade size 300 mm -Blade rotation speed 2800 RPM Eqp2xk32 -Section - 90 ° 160 x 20 mm -100 x 80 mm -at 45 ° 100 x 40 mm -Adjustable miter vise -Drive 380 V / 1,5 kW - space requirement approx. B H 400 x 1400 X 700 mm -Weight 80 kg -with:-vert. -Vice - machine stand -Feed roller 2000 mm -Evacuation roller conveyor with degree stop-analog display via Handwheel movable 3100 mm
GEMINI IV M - Two-headed manual saw for cutting aluminium, PVC and wood As standard: - 2x 450mm disc, - the conveyor on the moving head on the right, - the cooling system, - horizontal clamps - hydropneumatic cut, - guards protecting the cutting area with sensor security - manual angle positioning in the range between 45-90 degrees - horizontal clamps - support profile For a surcharge: - conveyor on fixed head - vertical clamps Vsyzsy - chip extraction The price given is the net price. 12-mo...

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