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Pallet cages for sale

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Identified location: India (Edit)
approx. 400 pieces half-high lattice boxes, half-folding - used - : Prices / piece ex location: - 1 choice (no damage) = 60€ per - 2 choice (rusty) = 50€ per - 3 choice (rusted and damaged) = 40€ per Manufacturer: unknown Type: unknown Year of manufacture: unknown Dead weight: 50 kg Load capacity: 1500 kg L x W: 1240 x 835 Heights different e.g. 500mm / 570mm = useful heights 330mm / 400mm Load capacity: 6000 kg Stackability: 5-fold Interior size: 1200 x 800 x 330 mm underride height: 100 ...
120 pcs. steel stacking bins 600ltr. 100x120x50 41pcs. steel mesh baskets 800ltr. 80x120x85 Pfjeh
Used 1600x1200 mm mesh container with a flap on 1 long side and a flap on 1 short side and a closed bottom. Easily stackable both when folded and unfolded. The folded height per mesh container is 330 mm. Bvso7ioqjm
For sale is a grid box 1200x800x950mm (L x W x H) incl. wheels Construction galvanized. folding Stackable Load capacity of 900 kg narrow side semi-open incl. 4 wheels (2 fixed / 2 swivel) Mesh 50x50mm Bbggx0bega We have a Variant without wheels, both euro - and industrial pallet. If you have further questions, please contact us.
up to 750 pieces of used steel mesh boxes for sale. width approx. 2m, depth approx. 1,3 m, height approx. 2,2 m Btn29etgem safe 4-fold stackable by centring pins
SELL more pieces of shopping carts. in very good condition Dimensions: height: 1095 mm length: 975 mm width: 590 mm volume: 132 liters wheel diameter: 125 mm Sqc8zr9x trolley weight: 26 kg space requirement 10 carts: 2,795 m Technical Specifications: basket load: 131 kg load capacity of the lower grate: 50 kg max. load 181 kg year of manufacture 2012 manufacturer: Wanzl, Germany galvanizing + protective varnish child seat hook in front, holder for PET bottles, holder for boxes front bumper whe...
Wire formed collapsible hypacages with half drop gate on one long dimension. Cortceh
For sale is a mesh box 1200x800x950mm (L x W x H) galvanized. without wheels foldable stackable max. load 900Kg Bbghdxqfhi Long side half open Mesh 50x50mm Price per piece 120€ net. Other dimensions incl. wheels available. For further questions please contact us. Shipping possible
Fully collapsible used mesh container. This gitterbox is easy to fold due to its hinged walls. One long side wall and one short side wall folds away half way for easy access. The sturdy steel frame stands on four legs and can easily be picked up by a forklift or pallet truck on both sides. The wire container can be stacked well both in the collapsed and in the unfolded state. The bottom is made of perforated sheet steel. Burcmoxiya
For sale is a grid box 1200x840x950mm (L x W x H) Construction galvanized. folding Stackable Load capacity of 900 kg Mesh 60x120mm Oo7ljszj If you have further questions, please contact us.
Frasdorf Germany
6608 km
excellent (used)
1 lot grid baskets galvanized stackable length 800mm, width 800mm, height 530mm length 600mm, width 450mm, height 400mm length 500mm, width 400mm, height 310mm Mv0lkk
Used corlettes with shelving skids are for sale in very good condition: Dimensions: L=180cm W=130cm H=178cm, payload 600kg, max. 3 pieces stackable. Various versions in stock! Price per piece: 62.00 EUR net. Shipping on request. Nogbp Net price for commercial customers from EU countries. You can also pick up the corlettes directly in our camp, also other versions in stock (German/Polish border town Guben-Gubin).
10,000 pieces Inserted gratings Gratings for pallet racks galvanized Inlay grids in different sizes, mesh sizes, load-bearing bar and weight load available: Negotiation price: from € 15,-- net per m² from stock Larger quantities on request! Insertion grid Mesh width Load bearing bar Load bearing bar direction 100.5 x 98.5 cm 7 x 3.5 cm 35 x 2.5 mm 100.5 cm 120 x 89.5 cm 7 x 3.5 cm 30 x 2.5 mm 120 cm 118 x 109 cm 7 x 4.5 cm 45 x 2.5 mm 118 cm 133 x 99 cm 3 x 3 cm 30 x 2 mm 99,5 cm 134 x 75 c...
For sale is a mesh box 1200x800x950mm (L x W x H) execution galvanized. foldable stackable max. load 900Kg Mesh 50x50mm Bbhgg0wglt Narrow side half open Price per piece 145€ net. Other dimensions 1200x1000x950 incl. wheels and also without is available. If you are interested please ask. For further questions please contact us. Shipping possible
Used collapsible gitterbox in Euro format 1200 x 1600 mm. This hot-dip galvanized mesh container has a flat steel bottom and a sturdy frame that is easy to pick up by a forklift or pallet truck. The four side walls are easily collapsible, making the gitterbox easy to stack both folded and unfolded. Btxycbwhza
100 pieces, euro grid box, exchangeable - used-: Price / piece from location: 80.- € (net) 50 pieces, euro grid box, exchangeable - used-: Price / piece from location: 73.- € (net) Manufacturer: unknown Year of construction: see boxes Dimensions: approx .: 1240 x 835 x 970 mm (LxWxH) Underride height: approx. 100 mm Dimensions W x L mm 835 x 1240 mm Overall height 970 mm Usable height 800 mm Payload 1000 kg Stackability 4-fold 5-fold? Load capacity max. 1500 kg Maximum load 6,000 kg Nroscoo C...
Here we offer articles from different company resolutions, which we describe as good as possible, as well as meaningful photos. Further information about the article cannot be given. If several articles are offered on the photos, we offer this article also only in the total quantity. Individual sales from this offer are unfortunately not possible. We offer the possibility to visit Tuesday and Friday in the time between 9 and 16 o'clock after making an appointment by phone (02841-916530). If nece...
Your contact persons in our company: Mr: Andre Evering Mr: Marcel Brahms Mr: Simon Blank Here we offer you a used wooden shelter for sale. The shelf cross beams shown are not used as on the Billing materials shown in the material colour black but in the material colour orange. Technical data of the wooden shelter: Bbxki3yi9h total width: approx. 3.000 mm Total depth: approx. 1,515 mm Total height: approx. 1,535 mm volume to be stored: approx. 3.15 m³ Included in the scope of delivery: 02x shelf ...
Euro-Pool mesh box 800 x 1200 mm New goods, see pictures. external dimensions 1,240 x 835 x 970 mm Inner dimensions 1.200 x 800 x 800 mm Load capacity 1500 kg Net weight 70 kg Load capacity 6.000 kg Colour grey Stack height nested 20 Stack height de-nested 5 according to UIC standard 435/3 The front side is foldable. One half can be opened from above and the other half from below (see pictures). Price: € 109,00 net per piece from stock Larger quantities on request Goods are in stock. Transport...
APPLICATION new flat cart, now for 306,- Flat cart with removable mesh rack cap. 500 kg. platform size 1000x700 mm Price excl. VAT For more information see website: Boxjvhs2u0
Stackable gitterbox in euro size 2200 x 1200 mm, painted brown. This robust mesh container has a bottom of wooden planks and a sturdy frame that is easy to pick up by a forklift or pallet truck. The two long walls have a hinged flap for easy access and can also be completely removed. Buhcplseos
GITTERBOX II.choice TOP FRAMES FOLDING FRAMES 800 mm NEW 200 pcs. mesh boxes / stacking frames Unit price for total purchase: 47,-€ net consisting of 2 elements powder-coated colour green = II. Choice (minimal optical defects during powder coating - hardly visible) offered frame height: 800 mm other height 1000 mm / 1200 mm on request Price quoted net plus the currently valid value added tax collars are assembled on the euro pallet and held together with hooks. When not in use, these elements ca...
Galvanized mesh container in Euro format 1200 x 1000 mm. This used gitterbox has four closed mesh walls and a steel profiled bottom. The 50 x 50 mm frame and mesh are galvanized for a robust exterior. The mesh box stands on a sturdy steel frame with four legs, making it easy to pick up the mesh box with a forklift and pallet truck. The top has a raised edge to make stacking easy. O8ggl
NEW product (signature is neutralized at the bottom of the roll) SPECIAL SIZES TROLLEY 810 x 720 mm Height 120 cm Art.-No.: RW-3120 4 wheels, of which 2 x rigid and 2 x steering article is extremely stable up to 500 kg load capacity We offer, as shown Article can be visited like to enquire Description: Dolly is new,. Mesh size 5 x 5 cm Pick up after notification from stock 47447 MOERS Psyrca (dismantled fit almost any car) You want a shipping - please register before purchasing and discuss...
Product: DB Pool Mesh Stillage UIC 435-3 (Euro) und DIN 13626 Version: 2 flaps at 1 long side Material: steel Walls: mesh 50*50*4 mm Floor: wooden and steal profiles Euronorm (mm): 1200 x 800 Colour: grey Ral colour: 7030 Surface treatment: painted Length (mm): 1240 Width (mm): 835 Internal width (mm): 790 Height (mm): 970 Useful height (mm): 800 Insertion height (mm): 100 Stackable height mm): 935 Loading capacity (kg): 1500 Volume (ltr): 750 Weight (kg) 70 Stacking load (kg): 6000 Dvhwqqz
Moers, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7026 km
VIRGIN MATERIAL Execution: PP, color blue, 4 castors ø 100 mm TPE Dimensions approx. 410 x 610 mm Loading capacity up to 300 kg Chassis with 2 x swivel castors and 2 x fixed castors, PP rim with TPE running surface, roller bearings, each role quadruple screwed Offer consists of 1 piece Art.-No.:-TRR-204-1 blue Gfvw72h Price per piece
Product: Mesh Stillage Version: 1 flap at 1 long side Material: steel Walls: mesh 50*50*4 mm Floor: flat steel Euronorm (mm): 1200 x 800 Colour: blue Ral colour: 5010 Surface treatment: powdercoating Length (mm): 1240 Internal length (mm): 1150 Width (mm): 835 Internal width (mm): 760 Height (mm): 970 Useful height (mm): 795 Insertion height (mm): 100 Stackable height (mm): 940 Loading capacity (kg): 800 Weight (kg) 66 Stacking load (kg): 3000 Height when folded (mm): 350 Muj0gk
2000 pieces ROLLWAY NEW II. Choice (minimal visual defects, hardly visible) height: total 155 cm Article No. RW-2155N_2000 NEW PRODUCT Colour according to WISH Roll containers, trolleys, furniture glides, food trolleys, wheelchairs, roller containers, Trolley for yellow bags, firewood trolley, firewood trolley, workshop shelf, Tyre rolling shelf, rolling shelf, suitable for intermediate shelf, suitable for foil hoods, Trolley is also ideally suited as a furniture glider, Plant trolleys, technica...
ROLLER CART ROLLER CART 3 sides CHIMNEY WOOD 155 cm 1 ROLLER CART 810 x 720 mm Height approx. 155 cm Part No. RW-3155 / 3-sided *****other models for comparison only***** we produce SPECIAL MEASURES , repair roll containers / trolleys. Ask for specific heights Side rails in blue colour, back wall blue, Rolling shelves in different colours ideally applicable as: firewood trolleys; yellow bags; standard boxes such as E2 boxes etc. with the dimensions 60 x 40 cm; transport trolley, storage trolley;...
Moers, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7026 km
good (used)
used and good,. 2 fixed wheels and 2 steering wheels; Photo shows articles in yellow colors color sales to inventory total are ca. 100 Rollis available Price refers to 1 Rolli Article is offered to pick up from stock Pick-up location: 47441 Moers If you have questions please report more warehousing and transport technology in stock Dimensions: 800 x 700 mm footprint Byvhsa9u Height of 1600-1800 mm Depending on the stock level (all dimensions are approx.) more storage and transport te...
side grid *****special offer for ROLLER CART 810 x 720 mm Item no.: SG-1830BW_100 Side rails for trolleys / roll containers Trolley side rails functional, super price-performance ratio offer consists of 100 side rails / thus for 50 trolleys total height: 1830 mm You have rolling floors / rolling plates and are looking for side rails. Then you can see our offer here: We carry revised side rails (other offer) and B-goods as side rails (see photos) Description: Total height: approx. 1830 mm includi...
Moers, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7026 km
RAISED FLOOR for trolleys 800 x 710 mm Art.-No.: RW-6000 Article extremely stable up to 150 kg load capacity, various colors, Sales to inventory Article can be visited like to enquire We offer trolleys in our other offers Mmsc2 Description: Lower shelf is new and was not yet in use,
OFFER CONTAINS FROM PACKAGE PRICE: 200 pieces WANZL SHOPPING CART 130 litre PACKING CART DEPOSIT SYSTEM (TANGO 160) Basket volume 160 litres used / with deposit system and small parts compartment Box storage at the bottom / ready for immediate use Article No.: TANGO 160 used & good Colour : as shown Visits are expressly offered larger quantities in stock, also other sizes on request (about 15.000 pieces in stock) offered for collection from stock 47441 Moers Prices per piece in net plus the curr...

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