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Identified location: India (Edit)
gebr. Hardi trailed field sprayer 27 mtr. LPY boom 3-fold nozzle body 9 part widths hydr. slope compensation + angling hydr. drawbar steering HC 5500 full computer tyres 18.4 R 38 Buwoy22rso
branded Dammann self-propelled sprayer boom 24,00 m, tank ltr. 4.000, GFK safety tank, fresh water tank, TankControl, hydraulic lift mast, pneumatic slope compensation, tandem nozzle carrier, 50cm nozzle carrier distance, 4-way suction valve 3, large suction filter, induction sluice, suction capacity 500-800 l/min, boom folding 12/24m, MC-I terminal, TrackLeader II, GPS EGnos, boom sections 2-1-2-1-3-3-3-1-2-1-2, boom angle Profi, **approx.6.430Bh, approx.2790Abh., approx.72.300ha** ** on custom...
Air brake 5000 ltr. brewing tank 24 mtr. boom hydr. foldable 3-fold nozzle block outside washing device LED boom lighting compressed air brake system tyres 520/85 R 38 BPW axles K 80 ball head coupling top hitch Amazone trailed field sprayer Dgln7ih
Syke-Heiligenfelde, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6878 km
gebr. Dammann Land Cruiser field sprayer 3-fold nozzle body SprayDos computer incl. SectionControl Bulpdg2xcn
10 m rod,storage location:null Bvhttcu8x9
Air brake Btammok3yh branded Amazone trailed field sprayer 2 circuit air brake system induction sluice Müller full computer drawbar steering 21 mtr sprayer boom (24 mtr. on 21 m) slope compensation hydraulic tyres 420/85 R38 adjustable axle Müller Spraycontrol II
Height adjustment Manometer, nozzles and strainers replaced. Pump completely disassembled. Diaphragm and valves completely replaced. Pressure regulator dismantled and replaced. Div. diaphragm at drip stop replaced. Not used for some time, nozzles missing.,Storage location:GU Bmgrw9pccr
Air brake Bush0qobfu Tyres: 13.6x48 10-hole rims Sprung adjustable axle Speed sensor Pressure sensor Hydraulic slope adjustment HSS Hydraulic blocking HSS One-sided reduction L+R Control block 2 x 8dw - Oil circulation Injector induction sluice Scharmüller coupling K80 2-line air brake system FMA 9 part-width sections Tank level indicator electr. quick filling Ikarus S Triple nozzle holder Boom HSS 27m 7 TB Autom. drawbar steering FMA gebr. Kverneland/Rau Trailed field sprayer
Söhlde-Hoheneggelsen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6784 km
Tow hitch DL-system Isobus with Touch 800 (Müller) Preumatic nozzle control automatic drawbar steering Tyres: 300/95 R46 with mudguards Single spool valve Hand wash tank Nozzles: Lechter ID 120-04 9 part widths Tank-Control LED lighting Boom gebr. Dubex Mentor Trailed sprayer Bu33qztsu0
trailed field sprayer, volume: 3300 litres, 24 m working width, hydr. folding, clear water tank, cardan shaft, in need of repair (tank leaks), storage location:49757 Werlte Buxzh2nia8
Air brake Cqnjrktk Lemken trailed field sprayer, top hitch K80, cardan shaft, gearbox 540 rpm, air brake system 2 circuit, autom. proportional drawbar steering, hydr. folding, hydr. height adjustment, slope compensation, electric control, 3 nozzle holders, nozzle spacing 50cm, single nozzle holder every 25cm, blind cap, 9 boom sections, nozzle type Lechler ID, 9 nozzle sections. Height adjustment, slope compensation control electric, 3 compartment nozzle holder, nozzle distance 50cm, single nozz...
Air brake used Lemken trailed field sprayer top hitch K80, cardan shaft, air brake system 2 circuit, hydr. folding, hydr. height adjustment, 3 compartment nozzle holder, nozzle spacing 50cm, induction sluice, Müller-Tank-Control, Lemken terminal lighting, warning panels, contact: phone: Bvmkgdz0zj
branded HARDI trailed field sprayer Tank capacity 4400 ltr. induction hopper Ackerman steering Tyres 460/85 R38 Operation via multi-function handle Section Control circuit 27 m sprayer boom Triple nozzle body O9qe2
* For hobbyists * custom-built Rau mounted sprayer 21 m working width single nozzle block Rau Telemat H and Quantron TA 2 1500 litre tank volume Bl2irk97cu
Cabin ,Climate llenger dspritze 5000 litre tank volume 27m boom with 10 boom sections camera system halogen headlights for boom GPS system end nozzles right and left boom control with 3 sensors tyres 480/80 R 50 trailer coupling automatic air pressure system for trailers 3 inch filling connection system hydraulic axle adjustment overload connection 2 inch self starting pump unit C 3000 terminal with touch electric mirrors deluxe cab with tinted windows automatic air conditioning access ladder wi...
18 m spray boom, ready for use,storage location:null Iqiudlr
Field of application: Agriculture V80p0sxj
Amazone UX 5201 sprayer Super LED lighting Articulated axle Dual-circuit pneumatic braking system Wheel 480/80 R 46 (AS profile) ET= -75, LI158A8/158B, D=1936mm Support leg, hydraulic Mudguards 550mm Hitch drawbar, rigid Drawbar ball coupling K 80 Pump equipment 520 l/min Hydraulic pump drive Add-on el. for Flex folding 2 with DC and/or hydr. ISOBUS control panel with Comfort package AmaTron 4 terminal - ISOBUS multifunction handle AmaPilot+ AmaClick 13 package for up to thirteen boom sections G...
Kverneland Gebr. field sprayer tank 1800 L FMC - full computer Starguide - Section Controll spray tank volume 1720 clear water volume 200 boom part width sections 5 required hydr. EW 1 required hydr. DW 1 nozzles IDK 03 nozzle spacing 0,50 m nozzle holding 1 number of pumps 1 pump capacity 250 sprayer TÜV front tank 800 L with suction hose Beluzisa
eligible new machine, trailed field sprayer, Ultimate-Edition volume: 6200 litres, working width: 36 / 24 m, 12 part-width sections, hydr. folding, road legal for 40 km/h, steering axle for track width 195 / 225 cm, with suspension ProRoad, autom. Ackerman steering, air brakes, K80 lower hitch, PowrSpray hydraulic pump drive, multiple nozzle holder (5 nozzles), with constant circulation system, JD TerrainCommandPro (3 sensors), LED working light set, boom lighting, cleaning brush with hose reel,...
Alpen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7034 km
On-board computer Ndnuzv7l AMAZONE trailer field sprayer LED lighting for road travel Articulated axle (28 ) flange dimension 2100 mm Dual line air brake system Tyres: 520/85 R46 Alliance ET= -75, LI173A8/170B, D=2050 mm Support foot, hydraulic mudguard 550 mm Hitch drawbar, rigid Towing eye D=40 Pump equipment 520 l/min Pump drive for PTO 540 rpm Wide-angle PTO shaft 80/25 - 960 mm Control panel ISOBUS with Comfort package+ Terminal package AmaTron 4 - ISOBUS Multifunction handle AmaPilot+ AmaC...
AG Broekland, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
7057 km
Field of application: Agriculture Buq8jbaxwh
gebr. Rau field sprayer tank 2600l boom 21m induction sluice lower link Rau Quantron TA 2 spray tank volume 2.600 clear water volume 300 number of boom sections 7 nozzles ID 120-03 Lechler pump capacity 200 sprayer TÜV 2021 1st tyre: 300/95R46 BKT 1st tyre profile 70%. Bndyy0dxyc
Boom 12 m, lifting mast, storage location: Yvp20
On board computer branded Amazone field sprayer Pump equipment 160 ltr., PTO shaft Control unit TG, 5 boom sections On-board computer Amaspray + Q-Plus Spraying boom 15 m. UF VII hose package Flow meter Standard folding for Q-Plus induction bowl Quick emptying Front and rear lighting 30 injector nozzles IDKN 120-04 implement control Bvufpmhs3p
Melle-Wellingholzhausen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6915 km
branded Amazone field sprayer in standard equipment 18 m Super S boom Nozzle protection pipes outside 5 boom sections 220 litres Piston diaphragm pump Induction sluice Control unit Amaset nozzles IDKT 120-04 Outside washing system Tüv 1 /2022 Pfebd
on-board computer Bvsml37qm2 gebr. BBG mounted sprayer working width 21,00 m induction hopper, Müller computer,
Rogator 618 Tankcontroll TÜV 1 half year 2022 Agrio Tiger 5200 ltr. 300/95 R46 tyres hydrostatic drive gebr. Challenger self-propelled sprayer Pvk2bq
Mariënheem, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
7048 km
Setzen Sie sich für nähere Auskünfte mit uns in Verbindung. Ewcrz29
15 m hydr. boom, flush-in sluice, fresh water tank, hand washing tank, ready for immediate use,storage location:null Bvmoef2gsq
gebr. Dubex trailed sprayer 27 m boom tyres 18.4 R38 triple nozzle body triple folded boom drag hoses for AHL Müller Spraydos control unit tank volume 3400 litres mudguard ID nozzle 120-025 purple induction hopper hitch K 40 9 boom sections Btumw7ly
drawn 2-circuit DL-system electr. operation full computer BT 2 rigid chassis 5000 L tank, agitator aluminium boom, lateral storage, hydr. folding tyres 20.8 R38 mann trailed sprayer Bpev3ut2vx
Steffenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6897 km
For further technical data please contact the seller. B900oymw
Air brake Gebr. Hardi trailed sprayer 2800 litres 24 m boom 7 boom sections First operation 2009, approx. 1400 ha Tyres 18.4-38 Compressed air brake system 3 compartment nozzle sticks Fresh water tank 400 litres 30 litres water tank for hands Storage compartment Prepared for GPS Cox78coh
gebr. Hardi sprayer 1000l tank volume 15m working width 5 part widths manual folding lighting piston diaphragm pump Puluha
on-board computer burnt Amazone sprayer lighting articulated axle with Trail Tron dual-circuit air brake mech. Support foot Wheel 480/80 R42, mudguards 550 mm rigid drawbar ball coupling K80 pump equipment 430 l/min PTO shaft B+P WW 70/30 860 mm control panel AMATRON+ AMACLICK on-board computer for up to nine part width sections E-package GPS-Receiver for GPS-Switch Hemisphere Crescent A100 EGNOS Super-L-sprayer boom 28 m hose package UX III SDistance-Control Air-Injector nozzle Double flat spra...
used JACOBI field sprayer type: FL KS 94 sprayer boom 10 mtr. with 3 boom sections TÜV until 1st half-year 2021 clear water tank boom height adjustment via hand winch Bpdmchdjnm
gebr. Kuhn/ Blanchard trailed sprayer bottom hitch drawbar, cardan shaft, input gear: 540 rpm, mech. support foot, hydr. brake, hydr. foldable/ height adjustable, hydr. slope compensation, 3-fold nozzle holder, nozzles TurboDrop TD05/ 50cm spacing, 4 boom sections, Blanchard operating terminal, induction hopper, agitator, lighting system, tyres: 12.4 R 46 Pu9you
12m linkage mech.,storage location:null Ifaxckf7c