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Pressbrake tooling for Bystronic Press brake machine Daocszt Punch: 30 Degree, R1.0mm, H250mm Die: 30 Degree, V8mm L250mm, L500mm, L550mm L1000mm in segmented
Tuřanka 104, 627 00 Slatina, Tschechien Czech Republic
6298 km
excellent (used)
Press brake CNC CAP 20040 Producer: Uzma YP: 2010 Bxcooxyab0 Cybelec control... DNC 880S Force of pressure... 606 Bending length... 2100mm controlled axes... 4 Machine is in good technical condition.
Number of axes 3. Operating hours 26 338 h. Bending length 3100 mm Max. press. pressure 1200 KN Max. stroke 180 mm Machine weight 8,700 kg. Machine dimensions 4200 x 1650 x 2775 mm Manual clamping tools Bel8goaprq There are two support tables (for laying the sheets before the press) The machine has a complete technical documentation.
Pressure 250 t folding length 5000 mm Cd78zj08 column width 4000 mm Control CYBELEC ModEva 19 T machine weight approx. 26.500 kg space requirement approx. 4500x3000x3400 mm Accessories/equipment: - Control conversion CYBELEC ModEva 19 T in August 2019. - 2 support arms - controlled axes: Y1, Y2, X, R - Z1+Z2 manual - pneumatic die shift - hydr. crowning - hydr. die clamping - 2-hand-foot-switch - various tools
Niederhelfenschwil, Switzerland Switzerland
(dealership location)
6841 km
CONTROLS .. CNC controls DELEM DA - 65 WORKING RANGE PRESS BRAKE Ds2zxgqn8 .. total force (nominal): 20 to .. Working length: 800 mm .. distance between columns: 630 mm .. Max. throat of columns: 250 mm .. distance table - slide max.: 370 mm BENDING BEAM (Y-AXIS) .. stroke: 102 mm .. approximation velocity max.: 82 mm/s .. working velocity max.: 9 mm/s .. return velocity max.: 90 mm/s ATTACHMENTS -PRESS BRAKE- .. European CE standards: yes ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS .. total power consumpti...
Standard equipment: -modern 4 cylinder-bending system with high precision -hydro-electric bending with propotional-valves -Incline of upper beam Y1 Y2 +- 3mm -positioning of upper beam by glaslineal encoder -CNC X- and R-axis Ehf7zl7 -manuel Z1 Z2 positioning of backgauge fingers with micro-switches in front of bending line -selfregulating crowning system -grahic programming -CNC DELEM 2D DA 65 TW -self centering tooling system of TRUMPF -2 front supports standard (CE-version) -hinged back stop ...
Pressbrake tooling for Lvd Press brake machine Punch: 26 Degree, R1.0mm, H196mm L250mm, L550mm in segmented Quick release botton Pvfexe
Machine details: Pgxhh Press brake Hezinger, type B 175-3100, year of manufacture 2018, protective cladding, running time press beam (strokes) 3,126, operating hours (h) 87, control Delem 3-D control DA 69T, operating voltage 400 / 50, power consumption (A) 15, hydraulic tank (L) 180, machine weight (kg) 8,850, pressing force (kN) 175, bending length (mm) 3,100, adjusting dimensions (mm) LxWxH 4800 x 2700 x 2800. Technical data: X-axis travel (mm) 750, press beam stroke (mm) 260, table height (m...
Bending tool, die, upper knife, upper tool, straight tool, die tool, seam closing tool -Tool: for swivel bending machine, die tool 20 pieces -Drawing: in the photos Bzngbt3e -Dimension: 44 x 128 mm -Length total: 2910 mm (lengths see parts list photo) -Weight: 67 kg
Pressure 125 t folding length 4050 mm column width 3550 mm throat 300 mm Installation height 560 mm stroke 240 mm Tsuvrtgv backgauge - adjustable 5-1000 mm Control CYBELEC Visitouch 19 total power requirement 18,5 kW machine weight approx. 14.500 kg space requirement approx. 6480x2200x3100 mm equipment: - front bending aid - backgauge with 8 stop fingers - AKAS-Laser protection device in front of the machine - V-die block - split - upper die - die shift - 2-hand operation - manual crowning - pne...
Tuřanka 104, 627 00 Slatina, Tschechien Czech Republic
6299 km
excellent (used)
Press brake CNC CNCL-K 120-3100 TSI Producer: Safan YP: 2002 control Pressure force ... 120t Bending length ... 3100mm controlled axes ... 3 Drive ... Hydraulic Ram stroke ... 180mm Main motor power ... 7,5kW Machine weight ... 8700kg L x W x H ... 4200 x 1650 x 2775 mmmm documentation Tools Hspecp7 The machine is in good condition, possible to test under power.
Cap.: 800 to, stroke 450mm, adjustment of upper bar 250mm / 0,5Deg, distance f columns 7.090mm, table 8.250x450mm, LxWxH, ca.: 9,35x3,4x5,5m Pglwz
Weilheim an der Teck Germany
6814 km
good (used)
CNC press brake Manufacturer: FASTI Type: UBGP125/30 serial number: 4514 Operating voltage: 380 V frequency: 50 Hz Control voltage: 24 V Rated current: 32 A Year of manufacture: 1986 Control system: MEIER ELEKTRONIC SYSTEM PC 3000 Pressing force: 1226 kN stroke length: 150 mm Working width: 3050 mm max. working pressure: 28,7 Stop time: 162 m/sec Read off operating hours: 5124 Incl. one upper and one lower tool Total dimensions: 3200 x 2000 x 2500 mm Total weight: 10000 kg Qq2nxsor Available fro...
Hydraulic press brake Fab. EHT Trumpf Typ. VARIOPRESS 230-30 Very good condition, year 2012 Technical details Make: EHT Type: VARIOPRESS 225-30 Year of construction: 2012 Pressure: 225 t folding length: 3050 mm distance between uprights: 2550 mm Stand projection: 405 mm stroke: 360 mm Connection line: 31 KVA Weight: approx. 15,7 t Equipment: - Controlled axles: Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2 - Punch set divided - Block die divided, incl. compression groove - Control: Cybelec Modeva 10S - Pneumatic tool c...
Bending tool, die, upper knife, upper tool, straight tool, die tool, seam closing tool -Tool: for folding machine Bvmvdwncb8 -Measures: see drawing in the photos -Dimension: 730/50 / H115 mm -Weight: 17.6 kg
Pressure 160 t bending length 3000 mm ram stroke 350 mm speed from 160 mm/sec speed bending 0-10 mm/sec speed up 0-100 mm/sec Bu8lf3wmzm Operating hours 23738 h Machine weight approx, 13700 kg
Tuřanka 104, 627 00 Slatina, Tschechien Czech Republic
6299 km
excellent (used)
Press brake CNC AD-S 40320 Producer: DURMA YP: 2012 Control Cybelec ... ModEva 10S Pressure force ... 320t Bwzra7txec Chamfer length ... 4050mm controlled axes ... 4 Drive ... hydraulic Distance between stand ... 3600mm Ram stroke ... 365mm Main motor power ... 37kW L x W x H ... 5300 x 1910 x 3230mm Machine weight ... 21000kg The machine is in good condition and can be tested under power.
Pressure 50to Working length 2000mm Column throat 420mm V78vxr NC Back stop Lots of bending rails MARCELS MASCHINEN CH
Drachten Netherlands
7066 km
excellent (used)
Very neat used press brake from Durma Type AD S 60600 Capacity 6050 x 600 tons Cybelec ModEva 10S CNC Y1, Y2, X and R axis CNC controlled Akas Fiessler Lasersafe Wila NS top clamping Approximately 17400 hours Approx. 79800 strokes Bxecild2xu Includes 1 set of tools
Hydraulic press brake Fab. EHT/Trumpf Typ. Variopress S 300-70-50 Very good condition, year 2003 Technical details Make: EHT/Trumpf Type: Variopress 300-70-50 Year of manufacture: 2003 Pressure: 300 t folding length: 7050 mm Working width between the uprights 5050mm Stand projection: 500mm stroke Y-axis: 360mm Working height: 1050mm Max. Distance table/ram 860mm Speed rush down/up: 140/120 mm/s Connected load: 22 kW Net weight: 36.000 kg Equipment - CNC crowning in the table Pvv0ke - Hydraulic l...
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6929 km
Bending tool, die, lower knife, lower tool, prism tool, reversible prism, 1-part die block for die bending machine, die tool, hemming tool -Tool: for press brake, die / hemming tool -Measures: see drawing in the photos -Dimensions: 150/101 / H77 mm / 150/77 / H160 mm -Weight: 6.9 kg / 11.2 kg Kraetyaz
Pressure 170 t folding length 3050 mm Y0dn9gi column width 2550 mm stroke 350 mm total power requirement 16,5 kW Machine weight approx. 12,400 kg
CNC press brake, hydraulic press brake DURMAZLAR type AD-R 30135 Btrptwlh3n make no. 7323126944 year of construction 2012 pressure capacity 135 ton. working length 3050 mm - control DURMA CNC Advantage - without tools (as shown)
Brno, Czech Republic Czech Republic
(dealership location)
6303 km
good (used)
Catalog No. : 4657 Type: DYNA 40/15 Producer: LVD Made in: 2017 Characteristic: Control system: EASY-FORM 135/30 Maximum force (pressing): 400 kN Maximum bending lenght: 1530 mm Maximum length of the slider stroke: 200 mm Maximum distance from the table to the slider: 400 mm Distance between frames: 1535 mm Maximum approach speed: 100 mm/s Maximum bending speed: 25 mm/s Power demand: 16.5 kW Back gauge: X. R. Z1. Z2 Machine height: 2500 mm Oxc7h Machine width: 1205 mm Machine weight...
Neat used press brake from Baykal Capacity 2600 x 60 tons Ca8taxyo Equipped with electric back gauge and depth adjustment 1 set of tools with Multi V
Schwabach, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6707 km
good (used)
. Technical DATA : . Press force 20 to bending length 1070 mm Throat 155 mm stroke 50 mm . Ddnpqfn W x D x H approx. 1.3 x 0.9 x 1.7 m Weight approx. 1,5 to . ..... .
Bending tool, die, upper knife, upper tool, straight tool, die tool, seam closing tool -Tool: for press brake, die tool -Measures: see drawing in the photos -Dimension: 3060/20 / H79 mm -Weight.: 30.3 kg Iwq7lcw
Pressure 85 t folding length 2550 mm Operating voltage 3x400 V Connected load 22 kVA Control CYBELEC ModEva 10S Lcwwfckg Oil quantity 200 l Machine weight approx. 8600 kg equipment: - controlled axes: Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2 - hydraulic crowning - die shifting - pneumatic upper and lower die clamping - 3 stop fingers - 2 front support arms - FIESSLER light barrier in front of the machine
Hydr. press brake, press brake DURMAZLAR type E 2040 make no. 7502094449-E year of construction 2009 pressure capacity 40 ton. working length 2050 mm throat 350 mm column width 1645 mm ram stroke 160 mm distance table - ram max. 350 mm table size 2050 x 60 mm Motor power 4 kW Mains connection 400 Volt, 50 Hz. - Control CYBELEC DNC 880S - back gauge 500 mm controlled (X-axis) - Press depth controlled (Y1 + Y2) - 9 tool holders for upper tool type UKB-System A - safety laser light barrier Bwy7lqan...
CNC press brake ERMAK CNCAP-4100X200 was manufactured in 2005 in Turkey. Technical data of the press: - bending length: 4100 mm - pressure: 200 t - maximum bending capacity (St42): 6 mm - maximum stroke: 200 mm - distance between columns: 3550 mm - table height: 900 mm - projection 400 mm - bumper stroke: 800 mm Fb9t32h - speed of free movement down: 80 mm / sec. - bending speed: 7 mm / sec. - speed of return up: 70 mm / sec. - main engine power: 15 kW - maximum pressure: 265 bar - amount of oi...
Press brake Model: CNC Vunuti Manufacturer:&nbsp:HACO Type:&nbsp:PPES30110 Year of man.: 1989 Power:&nbsp:110t Maximum bending width: 3100mm Control: HACO Robosoft PC-20 Including&nbsp:tooling.
Hydraulic press brake LVD PPEB-8 135/4270 Year of construction 2000 YEAR OF RETROFIT 2017 Serial number 26634 Pj2fb Technical specifications Force 1350N Working length 4270mm Distance between uprights 3820mm Stroke 200mm Distance table – ram 400mm Gap 400mm Width table 150 Approach speed 130mm/s Working speed 12mm/s Return speed 115mm/s weight 11500 kg motor 15kW retofitted 2017 NEW 2017 ESA S660 command control 8 axes Y1 Y2 X ‘ R Z...
Bending tool, die, upper knife, upper tool, straight tool, die tool, seam closing tool Bvmvlx3z8z -Tool: for folding machine -Measures: see drawing in the photos -Dimension: 3060/28 / H121 mm -Weight: 65 kg
Pressure 110 t folding length 3050 mm width of stand 2550 mm Connected load 21 kVA Control EPC D01-17 3D Touch Operating voltage 3x400 V control voltage 24 V Machine weight approx. 12000 kg Equipment: - 2 bending aids in front of the machine - Light barrier PILZ in front of the machine - roller shutter behind the machine - controlled axes: Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2 Bw7kah7qsa - 2 stop fingers - foot switch
internal diameter: mm swing diameter: mm grinding depth: mm dimensions of grinding wheel: Ø 65 x 25mm (Topfscheibe) mm feed:: 0,05 - 0,40 U/min / 8 step U/min total power requirement: ca. 1,1 kW weight approx.: 1060 kg dimension machine xH: 1,1 x 1,1 x 1,4 m Pcdjf2tv Brake Drum Grinding Machine - turning Ø max./min.: 800 / 320mm - brake drum holder: 63mm, quill stroke 120mm - turning support: longitudinal travel 380mm; transverse travel 200mm - steel holder holder: 180 x 140mm, steel holder 58...
CNC hydraulic press brake DURMA HAP 2580 was manufactured in 2002 in Turkey by Durmazlar Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret AS Equipped with CNC control Cybelec DNC 80 which enables programming in three axes. It has a pressing force of 80 t, enabling bending of an object with a length of 2550 mm. The distance between the columns is 2,150 mm and the table projection is 350 mm. The slider makes jumps of 160 mm. The machine has an oil tank with a capacity of 100 liters. The press is equipped, among other thi...
Hydraulic press brake LVD PPEB 100/30 MNC85000 YOM 1989 S/N 15963 Technical specifications Max. force 1000kN Max. oilpressure 310bar Max. worklengte 3050mm Max. between uprights 2550mm Max. stroke 125mm Distance table/ram 325mm Gap 300mm Table width 180mm Approach speed 100mm/s Working speed 11mm/s Return speed 80mm/s Engine 11kW Weigth 9Ton Command control MNC 85000 Y1,Y2,X,V  3D – Graphic command control for axis Y1 Y2 X V  V : Crowning table CNC  Hydraulic claming of tooling  4 fingers ...
Bending tool, die, lower knife, lower tool, lower beam, -Tool: for folding machine -Widening: for lower cheek -Dimensions: 33/76/3040 mm -Bore distance: 280 mm -Hole diameter: 18 mm Enr7mdft3 -Length: 3040 mm -Weight: 33 kg
working length 1600 mm, pressure 300 kN between columns 1200 mm stroke 100 mm distance tabel to upper beam appr. 200 mm Bwwmoiy8ss incl. upper tool in sections, universal lower tool with 5 positions NC System Estun E 200, light barrier in front, backgauge appr 500 mm
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6627 km
internal diameter: mm swing diameter: mm grinding depth: mm total power requirement: ca. 1,1 kW feed:: 0,05 - 0,40 mm/U / 8 step U/min weight approx.: 1060 kg dimension machine xH: 1,1 x 1,1 x 1,4 m Brake Drum Grinding Machine - turning Ø max./min.: 800 / 320mm - brake drum holder: 63mm, quill stroke 120mm - turning support: longitudinal travel 380mm; transverse travel 200mm - steel holder holder: 180 x 140mm, steel holder 58mm, turning tool for insert holder 20 x 20mm - operation via control p...
Mühlheim am Main Germany
6869 km
good (used)
Power: 3050 mm x 75 t drive type: el./hydr. drive: 11,0 kW Remark: backgauge, F8sisvnym folding tools, 3 complete sets of segmented upper tools, bottom tool: continuous die block with 6 dies Weight: 6600 kg
Ladis, Austria Austria
(dealership location)
6729 km
pressure 125 t chamfer lenght 3100 mm distance between columns 2600 mm - Max. throat of columns 405 mm TABLE Bjwymkufc9 - crowning system (V-axis): yes - tool clamping: automatic BENDING BEAM (Y-AXIS) - stroke 220 mm
Hydraulic press brake LVD PP 150/30 Year of construction 1970 Serial number 3036 Technical specifications Force 1500kN Working length 3000mm Distance between uprights 2550mm Stroke 175mm Distance table – ram 425mm Gap 250mm Width table 200mm Approach speed 100mm/s Working speed 7mm/s Return speed 50mm/s weight 13000 kg motor 15 PK back gauge with 2 fingers Bxbeiwjsmi 2 front supports Toolholder + gooseneck top tool Multi-V die