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Identified location: India (Edit)
Topkapı, Davutpaşa Cd. 73/A, 34010 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul, Türkei Turkey
5211 km
good (used)
CPC 1-04: Off Press Ink & Register Control CP Tronic Control System Perfecting 2/3 - 5/0 Alcolor Dampening Technotrans Cooling Device Grafix Alphatronic 200: Powder Sprayer Semi Automatic Plate Change High Pile Delivery Impression Cylinder Washing Device Ink Roller Washing Device Blanket Washing Device Number of Printing Units : 5 Units Print Output Maximum : 15.000 Sheets / Hour Print Output Minimum : 3.000 Sheets / Hour Max. Sheet Size X : 370 mm Max. Sheet Size Y : 520 mm Ybhm7ftd Largest Pr...
Jánská 12, 602 00 Brno-Brno-střed, Tschechien Czech Republic
6303 km
refurbished (used)
Overhauled 2014 Hours:175 648 Max. Paper size: 740 x 1040 mm Max. Printing area: 715 x 1020 mm Start of printing: 10 mm Substrate thickness: 0.04 - 1.0 mm Plate cylinder (average): 300 mm Plate cylinder undercut: 0.5 mm Printing plate format: 758 x 1030 mm Printing plate thickness: 0.3 - 0.5 mm Printing plate support (foil): 755 x 1030 mm W7cwg Printing plate leading edge to beginning of printing: 43 mm Rubber cylinder (average): 300 mm Printing cylinder (average): 600 mm Sta...
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130.000 €
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Düsseldorf, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7021 km
Features: Cylinder circumference 620 mm, max. paper width 965 mm, max. production speed 65,000 cylinder revolutions/h, paper grammages 40 - 135 gr/square meter, running direction right - left, consisting of: Paper infeed system make MAN ROLAND, type MANULOAD, with transfer table, longitudinal tracks, unpacking station and paper reel trolley, reel splicer make MEGTEC, type D.L.C. 1600 automatic, infeed unit and infeed device make MAN ROLAND, 5 double printing units, 2 of them with impression func...
We are proud to offer you the following machine: Heidelberg CD-102 5 colors with varnish in a very good condition: Year of manufacture: 2002 Impression: 162 mio. Equipment: - CPC Control: CP2000 - All washing equipment - Combistar - Color inspection light Penbf - High pile delivery (feeder with ramp), Non-Stop delivery - AutoPlate - 3 - roller - system and much more. complete equipment list available on request. Video of the machine in operation on request.
Size 36 x 52 cm, CPC 1-03, Cptronic, Alcolor dampening, Baldwin cooling and recirculation unit, Powderspray, Plus version, Perfecting 2/3 or 5/0 Ytt7pc Machine nr: 712399
Italy Italy
6576 km
good condition (used)
Format size 72x104 cm Straight machine Remote control Varimatic Colortronic (Register, diagonal register, Dampening and Ink Remote System Control) Bvusq7g33i VARIDAMP alcohol dampening Baldwin refrigeration device semi-automatic plate loading Automatic blanket wash-up device Colortronic ink and register remote control Powder Spray Manuals and tools
Deutschland Germany
6760 km
excellent (used)
Grafix: Powder Sprayer Automatic Ink Roller Washing Device Automatic Blanket Washing Device PCS-H Off Press Controls RPC Semi Automatic Plate Change Ryobi IR Dryer Ryobi Dampening Technotrans Cooling Device Extended Delivery Ink. Temperature Control Impression Account: approx. 40 Mio. Condition: Cleaned & Checked & Printtest Possible Technical Details: Number of Printing Units : 5 Units Print Output Maximum : 13.000 Sheets / Hour Print Output Minimum : 3.000 Sheets / Hour Largest Sheet Size X :...
Schijndel, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
7106 km
ready for operation (used)
Colortronic, Ergotronic console, CX package, Suction feeder table, Anti static device, Steel plate in feeder, Number of printing unit(s): 5, Straight machine, SAPC semi automatic plate change, Varidamp dampening, Automatic inking roller washing device, Automatic blanket washing device, Dampening system: Baldwin , Number of coating units: 1, Water base coating: chambered ductor system, Make Harris & Bruno, Number of Anilox roller(s): 2, IR + Hotair drying system in delivery, Extended delivery, Po...
15.000 s/h, CP 2000, Autoplate, Alcolor, Non stop feeder, Non stop delivery, Technotrans refrig., Rollers washer by CP2000, Blanket+impression cyl. by CP2000, SEPARATED COATING UNIT, DryStar 2000 dryers, Eltex ionizing blow., EXTENDED DELIVERY, Grafix Alphatronic Hz8rgba3u excellent condition, refurbished recently
Alsfeld Germany
6841 km
excellent (used)
HARRIS Offset Printing machine Completely reconditioned in 2005. Origin Year 1980 - new cylinder plate, blanket and printing cylinders. - CPC (color adjustement by units). - Automatic register. - Automatic format change. - Semi-automatic plates change. - Automatic wash system : blancket, rolls. - Max.size: 1340 x 1940 mm - Min.size: 1000 x 1350 mm - Max.speed: 4.500 sheets/h. Ft3iizl - Nbr colors : 5 colors ( whithout varnish). - Machine print with Alcool : 10% - Powder system : Grafix system. (...
Heidelberg XL 75 5LX2-C with AxisControl Bvjhbcc9as Year: 2009 Counter: approx. 125 mio. Impr. Format: 520×750 mm (23×29.5″), Prinect PressCenter - AxisControl - WallScreen - 15.000 s/hr - Alcolor Vario - Autoplate - AirStar – Preset - Air transfer system - Autom. ink roller-, blanket- and impression cylinder wash-up device - IR-dryer - sep. coating unit with chamber blade system - extended delivery X2 - steelplate in feeder - steelplate in delivery - ultrasonic double-sheet control - ...
PQC Console KMS 4 - Komori Monitoring System Technotrans Cooling Device Ink. Temperature Control Komorimatic Dampening Unit Semi Automatic Plate Change Automatic Ink Roller Washing Device Automatic Blanket Washing Device Chromed Plate Cylinder Chromed Impression Cylinder Chromed Blanket Cylinder Coating Unit Ekfbwu9 Extended Delivery IR Dryer Weko AP 230: Powder Sprayer Impression Account only: 44 Mio.
Alcolor film dampening CPC 104 Ink remote control Heidelberg Autoplate (Semi automatic plate change ) Automatic blanket, roller and impression-cylinder washing device Rfcei9ql CP TRONIC self diagnostic, control and monitor console High Pile delivery Automatic Perfecting 5/0 - 2/3 Impressions: 190 Mio.
only approx. 42. Mill. impressions Prinect PressCenter XL2 WallScreen XL, Intellstart, Prinect Inpress Control 2 AutoPlate Pro full automatic plate Preset Plus Feeder XL Infeed system Alcolor with Vario distributor roller remote adjustment InkStar CAN pull gide-Double sheets control Ultra sonic –double sheet control CombiStar CAN water cooled FilterStar Compact 2s8syu mixed rollers for UV and conventional print Full automatic ink roller washing device, Programmatically cloth-blanket cyl...
CP TRONIC CPC 1.04 Suction belts on feeder Preset : automatic size adjusting by CP TRONIC on feeder Steel plate on feeder Electronic side lays control Eltex antistatic in feeder Preset on feeder: Syde laycontrolled by CPTronic for the paper size Bvdc2zu2cl Double sheet electronic detection Alcolor damping Technotrans cabin cooling and circulation with automix device Technotrans ink temperature control Automatic ink wash-up device controlled by CP TRONIC Automatic blanket and impression cylinders...
RCI Ink remote control PPL power plate loading Perfector 1/4, 5/0 Rietschle Air Center Technotrans cooling and refrigeration Technotrans BETA.D P9aqkn Technotrans BETA .GS All washing devices
Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75 5LX2-C, year 2009 520x750 mm (23x29.5"), approx. 125 mio. impr. Prinect PressCenter AxisControl WallScreen 15.000 s/hr Alcolor Vario Autoplate AirStar Preset Air transfer system Autom. ink roller-, blanket- and impression cylinder wash-up device IR-dryer Ytqrlw Sep. coating unit with chamber blade system Extended delivery X2 Steelplate in feeder Steelplate in delivery Ultrasonic double-sheet control StaticStar compact Powder sprayer Etc. Available: on request
PQC Console PDCS II: Print Density Control CIP3 KMS 4 - Komori Monitoring System Komorimatic Dampening Unit KHS -AL: Pre-Inking System FAPC: Fully Automatic Plate Change IR Dryer Coating System Tresu with Doctor Chamber Blade Impression Cylinder Washing Device Blanket Washing Device Ink Roller Washing Device UV Dryer Delivery H-UV Njgnmswx Steel Plate in Feeder Steel Plate Delivery Technotrans Alpha F. Cooling Device Ink. Temperature Control Skeleton Transfer Cylinders: 0,04 - 0.8 mm Machine spe...
Alcolor film dampening CP 2000 - Digital machine control and diagnosis Heidelberg Autoplate (Semi automatic plate change ) Max speed 15.000 sheets/h Automatic blanket washing device Infrared + Hot air dryer Rddrscbz Impressions: 15 Mio.
Offset printing press Komori LS 540-L with year of construction 2010. Equipped with coater, Tresu with L10i cabinet, anilox roller, extended delivery, Jac de Vries infra red dryer/hot air, Wallscreen, PQC, PDC-SII, KMS, KHS, presets, F-APC, Komorimatic, Technotrans beta c., all automatic washup devices, skeleton cylinders, Grafix Megatronic HEP powder spray Su2j9w
Köln, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7003 km
excellent (used)
2012 - Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75-5 + L (C) (Ref.No. 1006620) Counter: 59 mio 530 x 750 mm / 20.87 x 29.53 inches Colors: 5 Delivery: 07.2021 Equipment: - Autoplate (semi automatic plate loader) 22nottzd - Coating unit with chambered doctor blade system - Prinect Inpress Control - Prinect Press Center - StaticStar - Antistatic device Compact - CombiStar - Dampening solution conditioning + ink unit temperature control - Impression-cylinder washing device - automatic - High-pile delivery X0 - ...
Alcolor dampening Technotrans refrigeration Buw0wunyop CP-Tronic CPC 1-02 Perfecting 2/3, 5/0 TOP CONDITION
Size : 72 x 102 cm-Post Drupa Model - NEW FEEDER AND NEW DELIVERY PRESET PLUS - PRINECT PRESS CENTER (CP 2000) - AUTOPLATE - PRESET - COATING UNIT with Chambered Ductor Blade and Anilox Roller - EXTENDED DELIVERY - Infra Red and Hot Air Dryer - ALCOLOR dampening with VARIO - Technotrans COMBISTAR Central Refrigeration (air cooled) - ALL Automatic washers (blanket-rollers and impression cylinders) - Steel Plate in feeder and delivery -Weko AP 500 Powder Spray - Antistatic Device - Ink Temperature...
PCS-H Off Press Controls Screen Display PDC-E: Print Density Control Ryobimatic Dampening RPC Semi Automatic Plate Change Baldwin IR/TL Dryer Non-stop Delivery Ink. Temperature Control Grafix: Powder Sprayer Coating System with Doctor Chamber Blade Automatic Blanket Washing Device Automatic Ink Roller Washing Device Automatic Impression Cylinder Washing Device Bll7r2mjhf High Pile Delivery Number of Printing Units : 5 Units Number of Coating Units : 1 Coating Unit Print Output Maximum : 15.000 ...
Hückelhoven Germany
7055 km
good (used)
Cardboard equipment Grafix Hitronic powder spray ROLAND DELTAMATIC dampening system TECHNOTRANS CPL semi automatic plate change Straight machine printing PECOM Press Centre Prepress Link with JobPilot PressMonitor Bvjdyowijt RCI Remote Ink Control with CCI Grapho Metronic FM19 Impressions: 110 Mio.
Roosendaal Netherlands
7174 km
ready for operation (used)
Offset printing press Heidelberg SM 72-FP from the year 1989. Equipped with perfecting (5/0 - 1/4), CPC 1-02, CPTronic, quick action plate clamps, Alcolor dampening, Baldwin cool- and circulation device, steel plate in the feeder, steel plate in the delivery, double sheet control, decurler, powder spray Fq3z9pj
Year 2001 - Max Paper Format 1200×1620 mm - Complete of: Ergotronic Console Varidamp Dampening Baldwin Refrigeration & Recirculation Baldwin Auto Ink Roller & Blanket Washers Non-Stop Delivery Oxqdd Powder Spray Manuals and tools
KOMORI Spica 529P Bt2mfz0iou Age: 2011 Counter approx.: 93 mio. Perfecting 2/3 Paletts delivery Automatic densitometer KOMORIMATIC dampening system SAPC Semi-automatic plate change Technotrans refrigeration Powder sprayer Blanket + Roller wash-up device Available: Immediately Location: Printingshop/Germany Max. paper size: 530x750 mm Smallest size: 200x280 mm Image area: 520x740 mm Speed: 13000 Stock thickness: 0.035 - to 0.3 mm Colors: 5
Size: 72 x 102 cm, CP 2000 console touch screen, axial, circumferential and diagonal register remote control, ink ductors rotation control, job memorization,CP 2000 MasterLevel, CP 2000 Preset Link, Preset : automatic size adjusting on feeder and delivery on CP 2000, Non-Stop on feeder, No. 2 Eltex ion blowers on feeder, Electronic side lays control, Air Transfer System Venturi,Roller wash-up device controlled by CP 2000,Modular blanket cylinder washing device by CP 2000, Modular impression cyli...
PCS-H Off Press Controls Btke00sguu RPC Semi Automatic Plate Change Ryobimatic Dampening Technotrans Cooling Device Automatic Washing Devices Eltosch IR Dryer Grafix Digitronic: Powder Sprayer Double Sheet Control - electronic High Pile Delivery Extended Delivery Techical Details: Number of Printing Units : 5 Units Print Output Maximum : 15.000 Sheets / Hour Print Output Minimum : 3.000 Sheets / Hour Net Weight : 11.900 Kg Length : 7.459 mm Width : 2.355 mm Height : 1.717 mm Max. Sheet Size X :...
Alcolor film dampening CPC 102 ink remote control Grafix Infra Red Dryer High Pile delivery Straight machine printing Chromed cylinders Cq9gbbeg Quick Action Plate Baldwin refrigeration Grafix Exactomat powder spray End Dryer UV I.S.T. Impressions: 185
Ljubljanska cesta 5a, 3320 Velenje, Slowenien Slovenia
6386 km
excellent (used)
max. format 52 x 74 cm year of manufacture 2004 5 printing units Gravuflow short inking unit technology max. 15.000 sheets / h (idle) Ergotronic control console Logotronic Basic Remote register adjustment PWHA automatic plate change automatic washing devices central format adjustment plate cylinder tempering de-electrification device Kersten read totalizer: approx. 108 mio. pressure delivery date: immediately Ek9s8ervu
UV Dryer at delivery 2x lamps One-man operation via mobile touch-screen console Btwhxj9y80 Print Job Manager Remotely adjustable sidelays High performance stream feeder Double sheet sensor Fully automatic plate change Ink temperature control
1993 PLANETA SUPER VARIANT P64-6 + LX FIVE COLOUR + COATER + EXTENDED DELIVERY (UV PRESS) Bulr3t3o2z Varicontrol, Dahlgreen continues dampening, Quick action plate clamps, Baldwin blanket washers, Non stop feeder and delivery, ink agitators, Powder spray, Sheet decurler, Powder extraction device. UV interdeck dryers UV and IR dryer at extended delivery. C. 17.000 hours/worked
Komori LS 529+C Refference no: 20-07051 Manufacturer: Komori Type: Komori LS 529+C Year: 2005 impression count: 122 million Technical Details: Max sheet size: 530 X 740 mm Min sheet size: 180 X 280 mm Thickness: 0.07 – 0.80 mm I3e2o2z Max speed: 15000 sheets/hour SPECIFICATION: - CIP 3/4 - KMS IV - Chromed cylinders - Anilox coating unit - Powder spray - All washers - PDC-Lite - PQC - KHS - Komorimatic alcohol dampening - Technotrans Alpha C - Coating tower with Harris & Bruno chambered doctor...
Perfecting 1/4 - 5/0 CP 2000: Touch Screen Console Coating System Grafix Alphatronic 200: Powder Sprayer IR Dryer Antistatic Device on Delivery (Eltex) Autoplate (Automatic Plate Changing System) Impression Cylinder Washing Device Automatic Ink Roller Washing Device Btdb3ju2hd Blanket Washing Device Impression Account: 55 Mio.
Hückelhoven Germany
7055 km
good (used)
Alcolor film dampening CPC 104 Ink remote control Pvp703 double sheet control - electronic Heidelberg Autoplate (Semi automatic plate change ) Extended delivery HD version 2 Automatic blanket, roller and impression-cylinder washing device CP TRONIC self diagnostic, control and monitor console Heidelberg IR Dryer Preset Stream feeder Impressions: 225 Mio
KBA Genius 52-5, printing on plastics UV - Year: 2005 - Printing on UV plastics - Mio imp: only 1,9 - Size max.: 520 x 360mm - Size min.: 180 x 150 mm - Paper: 60 to 350 g / m2 - Thickness: 0.06 to 0.4 mm - Speed: 8,000 l / h - The number of sheets per makeready sheets 15-20 - Total L x W x H x 2,300 x 3,900 mm 1,900 kg 4,200 - Power 400V 22 kW (On temperering) 63 Amp Fuse - A man using a mobile console with a touch screen controlled - Remote control sidelays - Double sheet detect...
Verl, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6900 km
good (used)
Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 5+, age 1998 370x520 mm (14.5x20"), approx. 59 mio. impr. Alcolor CP-Tronic CPC 1-04 Autoplate Autom. blanket- and ink roller wash-up device Urpdnd8d Autom. Impression cylinder wash-up device Plusversion Powder sprayer Etc. Available: immediately
Man-Roland 705 LV DirectDrive | 2008 Age: 2008 Counter approx.: 183mio Direct Drive Simultaneous plate changing Inline Color Pilot RCI Roland Deltamatic Extended Delivery Vacuum Feed Table Chrome Impression Cylinders Auto Impression Cylinder Wash Auto Blanket Wash Auto Ink Roller Wash Dedicated coating unit with chambered doctor blade Sustmc Extended Delivery Dry Spray SelectDryer IR/Air Available: Immediately
max. size 52 x 74 cm perfecting: 5/0 - 2/3 age 1994 CP-Tronic ink remote control CPC 1-03 ALCOLOR film dampenings cooling unit TECHNOTRANS AUTOPLATE automatic washing devices dry sprayer GRAFIX Alphatronic high pile delivery shown totalizer: approx. 78 mill. impressions Delivery time: immediately Nobtt
Öpfingen Germany
6795 km
ready for operation (used)
Perfecting 1/4 - 5/0 RCI: Remote Control Desk CPL: Semi-Automatic Plate Change Bhfbzdb3 Washers Wekotron: Powder Sprayer Cardboard Guide Rolandmatic Dampening Technotrans Cooling Device Coating System with Doctor Chamber Blade Grafix IR/TL Dryer Cleaned Impression Account: 165 Mio.
Hückelhoven Germany
7055 km
good (used)
Non-stop delivery High Pile delivery Electromechanical double sheet control Komorimatic dampening system PQC-S - Print Quality Control Automatic impression cylinder washing device Straight machine printing anilox coater Bvjbwjrhkv SAPC Semi-automatic plate change Skeleton Cylinder Infrared + Hot air dryer AMR - Automatic Make Ready Automatic paper size setting on feeder Suction Tape Feeder ITC -Ink Temperature Control Ink oscillation roller phase remote control Pile alignment on feeder Au...
Mönchaltorf, Switzerland Switzerland
(dealership location)
6876 km
excellent (used)
Equipment - Prinect Press Center - Axis Control - Machine speed 15000 - Suction belt feeder Preset - Double sheet control Standard and ultrasonic Double sheet control - Fully automatic turning 2/3 - Alcolor film dampening units with Vario - Circulation and cooling CombiStar beta.c with AZR and inking unit temperature control (air-cooled) - Autoplate - Automatic ink roller washing device - automatic blanket and impression cylinder washing system - Coating unit with chambered doctor blade and LVG ...
Year 2010 – Starting production 2011 - Complete of: Technical Details: Max. sheet size 1200×1620 mm Min. sheet size 600×920 mm Max size printing area: 1190x1620 mm Min. size printing area: 590x920 mm Thinkness: 0,06 – 1,2 mm Remote control Colortronic Module CX package for cardboard KBA DensiTronic Ergotronic Console Dampening Varidamp Technotrans Combi Cooling Device Technotrans beta f, Technotrans beta c Fully automatic plate change FAPC Double Sheet Control Auto Ink roller wash, Auto Blank...
5 Color 2005 8 Mio. Size 52 x 74 cm Oofxt Auto. Ink remote control Autoplate Grafix Powder Location: Germany / in production Available: immediately