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Grinding wheel puller, cup wheel puller, double bench grinder puller, flat grinder puller, cylindrical grinder puller, puller head, dressing head for grinding machines -Support: 255 mm -Number: 1x disc puller available E9oa9hz7s -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 510/165/H290 mm -Weight: 34 kg
Length: 1250 mm Width: 1250 mm table diameter: 1250 mm weight of the machine ca.: ca.3,5 t space requirements of the machine approx.: L:1,7 x B:1,5 x H:0,5 m S8vwdvxjr MAGNETIC - ROUND- TABLE - It has been mounted on the lower case of a discus grinding machine. - It can be equipped wit a manual or an NC control against extra chrages. - Height of magnet plate= 200mm
. 3 pieces of used flanges come from a JUNG , HF 50 RD Scope according to pictures ! ( 3 flanges , discs without credit ) Crrbqkr . .....
Leonberg-Höfingen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6854 km
Available On Stock Bdkaltpnkb
dimensions of the machine ca. 0,380 x 0,200 x 0,134 m weight of the machine ca. 0,024 t power requirement kW baseplate-clamping range 110 x 70 mm B7nkz99s workpiece sizes max. 56 x 70 x 25 mm profile depth max. 15 mm angular adjustment 0-2 ° Electrik 24 Volt Unused unit in a wooden box. Clamping: permanent-magnetic, to use on a table of a grinding machine for grinding pieces with angle. Machine dealer with own stock of 2500 m².
electric magnetic plate, chuck, magnetic chuck, magnetic chuck Ssww28 -Table surface: 152 x 74 mm -Connection: 24 volts -Dimensions: 220/74/H74 mm -Weight: 6 kg
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6627 km
base plate: 210x110 mm Yqbzw0 weight of the machine approx.: 60 kg space requirements of the machine approx.: 0,7x0,52x0,5 m copy device for grinding machines for grinding wheel forming ( profile device) details: - adjustment travel upper table longitudinal=60mm (manual) - transverse travel = 20mm - under frame=approx. 60mm ( lockable) - template table size 310x150mm perfect used condition
Schwabach Germany
6707 km
ready for operation (used)
. 2 flanges of ELB grinding machine , type SW 5 VA I (without grinding wheels) . otherwise scope and condition according to pictures ! Pbon9 . .....
The coolant filtration equipment was procured for a clear wet grinding in grain 80 – 400. The filtration equipment should separate the oil from the swarf. Output product range: Cleaned oil Yearly production capacity: Volume flow: 1000 l/min Brief technical specification of the main parts: Supply pressure: 4 bar Electrical total connected load: 60 kW Noise emission: max 70 dB(A) Suzumc Chamber volume: 10 m³ Max. removable passage volume: 3 m³ Coolant viscosity: 2-5 cSt
We offer spare parts / accessories for the saw blade grinding machine type ECE 45 / Freestyle of the manufacturer "Schmidt Tempo He9tu3svm Due to many years of experience we can also offer you our support for repairs of the above machine type either at your premises or at ours. If you have a concrete need, please contact us either by phone or by email.
Tönisvorst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7037 km
grinding wheel diameter 0 mm power requirement 0 kW following grinding spindles available: 2 Fortuna SA 100 x 340.20 R, Nr. 126 334, 1.600 U/min - à 700 Eur 2 Fortuna SA 85 x 272.2 R, Nr. 100 588, 2.500 U/min - à 700 Eur 1 Fortuna FAVS 100 R, 250.250, 12.000 U/min - à 700 Eur Bdxkypp3 1 Fortuna SA 90 x 418.24R, 2.800 U/min - à 700 Eur 1 Fortuna SJ 60 x 355 R, 18.000 U/min - 500 Eur 1 SKF 1033293-1 (ex Hoefler) - à 1200 Eur 1 SKF 1033293-2 (ex Hoefler) - à 1200 Eur 1 SKF 1040329 (ex Hoefler) -...
electric magnetic plate, chuck, magnetic chuck, magnetic chuck -Clamping surface: 150 x 74 mm -Connection: 220 volts -Dimensions. 200/74/H71 mm Baxjk092ad -Weight: 5 kg
Module 2.5 -6 / 15 degrees Btkgbiz3mv Very good condition. For hobbing machines of the company Reishauer. E.g. RZ and ZB Shipping possible
Schwabach Germany
6707 km
excellent (used)
. Round magnet, D = 300 mm suitable for mounting : short taper size 8 n. DIN 55027 was in use on a BOEHRINGER , type DUS 560 ti Pole pitch 15 mm Total height 100 mm Cis78yl Weight approx. 46 kg . .....
The universal Fräserschleifgerät UFS-155 has proved ideal for manual grinding of straight and twist fluted cutting tools. -Simple control -Backlash-free spiral grinding device -Swirl setting infinitely from 0 ∞ easily and quickly, left or right -Grinding length 155 mm -easy mounting -Grinding of HSS and CARBIDE tools I0vw7rjwm incl. Accessories: 3 bushings SK40, 1 control unit, and 3 slices of part
Neodymium magnetic separator + 100L tank + coolant pump. Itqbvt3 The device is used to clean the machining liquid / coolant in machining machines - mainly precision grinders, where high quality machining liquid is required. The coolant fed through the pump goes to the machine, then flows into the separator where it is cleaned of magnetic spoil using high-grade neodymium magnets. The cleaned liquid goes back to the tank with the pump. On request, we make tanks and separators for individual cust...
I have several electromagnetic plates for sale. Size of magnetic tables in the photos. In total 32 pieces of control unit for 700 Euro new possible - magnet on and off demagnetization and clamping force rules Nlrn9
Grinding wheel puller, cup wheel puller, double bench grinder puller, flat grinder puller, cylindrical grinder puller, puller head, dressing head for grinding machines Jur3vy -Support: 130 mm -Dimensions: 290/80/H170 mm -Number: 1x disc puller available -Price: per piece -Weight: 8.6 kg
Solenoid No.3 13420 Technical data: Bdt37nniih Magnetic clamping chuck 600 x 200 mm Performance 1.4 A Magnetic height 85 mm Voltage 110 V with -Connection cable with on / off switch used, in good condition
Schwabach, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6707 km
good condition (used)
Length: 380 mm Width: 200 mm Height: 134 mm . Permanent magnet clamping plate Pbfad Clamping range: 110 x 70 mm
Beringen / Schaffhausen Switzerland
6885 km
good (used)
Table size 350x150mm Coqmdb9 Height 80mm Swivelling range 0-45° MARCELS MASCHINEN CH
Wiesbaden, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6914 km
Abdreharm RA 1, Abrichtbereich: aushoehlend 0,5 - 32 mm (104 - 162 mm) umfassend 0,5 - 22 mm Abdreharm RA 2, Abrichtbereich: aushoehlend 154 - 210 mm umfassend 10 - 65 mm I83ulmyv Abdreharm RA 3, Abrichtbereich: aushoehlend 22 - 70 mm (66 - 120 mm)
Three-jaw Chuck Mount MT 3 Diameter 130 mm with indoor and outdoor baking Bdof7r7xog
Magnetic plate, clamping plate, magnetic clamping plate, magnetic clamping plate -Table surface: 305 x 127 mm -Dimensions: 305/160/H115 mm -Height without base plate: 80 mm M9ayn -Weight: 13 kg
We can deliver all spare parts for JUNG JF- und HF-series. Bqef2dlt22 z.B. grinding flanges, switches, bellows, refurbished grinding and transvers spindles, hydraulic pistons etc. Also equipment like magnetic chucks (new oder refurbished), dressers, filtrtion units, lubrication pumps etc. Also used parts which are discontinued by the manufacturer. Please inquire wih the exact part name.
. - 4-jaw chuck RÖHM , MK 3 , D = 160 mm , tightening thread M20 . - 4- jaw chuck RÖHM , MK 3 , D = 85 mm , tightening thread M 20 x X . - Round magnet , MK 3 , D = 220 mm , M 20 , tightening thread M 20 . - Internal grinding device , manufacturer unknown Buoi9n9pma . ..... .
For wheels with: -Bore 127 mm -Width max. 100 mm Phrayjryl Misc. available MARCELS MASCHINEN AG
Grinding wheel Make aluminium oxide B9xzbcym Type: 220 x 32 x 51
Grinding wheel puller, cup wheel puller, double bench grinder puller, flat grinder puller, cylindrical grinder puller, puller head, dressing head for grinding machines Baoec9rb3e -Edition: mm -Number: 1x disc puller available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 310/170/H200 mm -Weight: 6.7 kg
. Attachment for grinding tools , Fabr. LECHLER . type 060 29 make no. 025 year of manufacture 1978 . Scope according to pictures ! . Bumiiyv8c3 .....
Number: AAL 130426 Length: 1,000 mm Lrtfqfef Storage diameter: 170 mm Cone intake: 46 to 64 mm diameter 70 mm length Speed: 8,000 U/min Condition: Unused Use: For large Chevalier grinding machine FSG 2460 CNC
Wiesbaden, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6914 km
Grinding wheel, bench grinder, surface grinding machine, cylindrical grinding machine 7bhkip89 -Inside: Ø 32 mm -Outer: Ø 300 mm -Width: 12 mm -Price: per piece -Number: 3x available -Weight: 1.7 kg
. used . H8mkikv 4 flanges , fit on a JUNG , HF 50 (R or RD) . .
Grinding support for coordinate grinder lid LK or LKS Type 2025 Japmixr9
Wiesbaden Germany
6914 km
ready for operation (used)
Workpiece holders for grinding diameter 22 mm length 200 mm diameter 27 mm length 250 mm diameter 32 mm length 300 mm Nt2ux in a wooden box Weight 8,5 kg
Magnetic plate, clamping plate, magnetic clamping plate, magnetic clamping plate -Clamping surface: 100 x 100 x 300 mm Wujog -Dimensions: 100/100/H360 mm -Weight: 18.4 kg
Burgoberbach, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6740 km
Grinding spindle 7ubupweqh Manufacturer: Fortuna works ABM: SIZ 60 x 177.35 L 162635 maximum 8000 RPM
. used angle adjustable dresser , with dressing stroke was built on a JUNG, type HF 50 RD Scope according to pictures ! ( including dressing diamond ) Angle adjustable after large scaling 45° grid Manual dressing path via hand lever approx. 35 mm Bubqnorznd . .....
Container for Gleitschleifglocke 8 angular edge length 220 / 260 mm height 630 mm Price: EUR 350,-- Ikokfki9s Price incl. 19% VAT EUR 416,50 Container for Gleitschleifglocke Edge length 220 / 270 mm height 520 mm Price: EUR 200- Price incl. 19% VAT EUR 238,-- together EUR 500 Excl. VAT
Tönisvorst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7037 km
Grinding spindle Make FAG Dimensions of the conical pin of the recording: Diameter 80-61 lg 100 mm intake Cone Diameter min. 68 lg. 70 mm Diameter Max 80 lg. 70 mm 3fmzx37pd min. 61 lg. 100 mm Max. 80 lg. 100 mm Length 500 mm Diameter 200 mm Weight 100 kg DX9UK3MUZNK
electric magnetic plate, chuck, magnetic chuck, magnetic chuck -Clamping surface: 1000 x 255 mm Bbvmqwtpea -Connection: 100 volts DC -Dimensions: 1000/255/H98 mm -Weight: 140 kg
Darmstadt, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6879 km
excellent (used)
Marposs devices and electronics Measuring amplifiers - Measuring heads - Balancing technology - Balancing electronics Design, scope, condition from well used to as good as new. Prices on request Bp3gglxs0b

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