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Beverage production for sale

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Identified location: India (Edit)
Complete line for the production of mineral water in PET packaging of 1.5 liters The main line elements are: - a set of filling machines with a capacity of 6000 1.5 liter PET bottles per hour - water treatment plant and CIP station - compressed air preparation system The bottling line includes the following elements: 1) ADS G66C blow molding machine - capacity: 7,800 bottles / h, number of sockets: 6, year of production: 1997, machine with air recovery, form: 1.5 liters, the set include...
Schrinkwrapper Zambelli LFT 30, year of production 2008, only 2200 working hours, in very good condition, Siemens PLC control, fully operational Bupm0q7fyj
Geisenheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6930 km
for candle filters Bjpi8e8bhr
-Langguth E62/120-12/6 (18) -mashine-nr.: 62.150 - labelling machine for pet bottle 0,5l +1l (1,5l possible) - label all around the bottle Bs3vxkv3gc - hotglue system from Nordson electric power: 400V 50 Hz 8kw controller voltage 24V dc Siemens S7 Danfoss frequency converter weight: 2000kg - 12 bottle plates - 18.000 bottle/h
- Type: 713, Model: M1 - Output: 8000 -11000 bph Controls: - Lye detection (high frequency) - Residual liquid detection (infrared) - Bottom inspection - Mouthpiece inspection - Side mouth inspection (no thread inspection) - 270° wall inspection Pbfez - Detection of high/low bottles - Bottles: 100, 80, 50, 33cl - White glass has been worked on, lightly coloured bottles as well as green and brown bottles were detected and rejected and rejected by sidewall inspection - The machine was in op...
Filling Line juice / drink (without: preparation station, pasteurizer, palletization). Format / Primary packaging unit: Prisma Square / 1000 ml. Secondary packaging unit: 2x3 or 3x4. Speed of Filling Machine: 7000 psc/h. Filling Machine - A3/Flex TP A3/F-010V TPA1000SQ V100 (year of prod. 2004). Capper - CAP 30/Flex CAP 30F-030V (2013). Accumulator - ACCUMULATOR EASY RIDE + (2005). Cardboard Packer - Tetra Cardboard Packer 70 TCBP 70-110V (2004). The line is still running (possibility see). Hzat...
Döhler syrup room for sale. Like new, it was used only for half year. L8ooj0uj It was stored in our store room since 2004. We were soft drinks producer company. We stopped our activity in 2004. We thought we will use it later again, but now we know, we don"t need it. The equipment is in excellent condition. You can visit us to see it personelly. With the documentation. Price : 60 000 EUR The equipment consisting of: I. System of loose components dissolving: capacity: 2000 l/h 1.Dissolvin...
Geisenheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6930 km
ask for an offer from Seegräber GmbH Hf9i320nu
Fully functioning Tunnel Pasteuriser for cans and bottles. 12,000 unit per hour Buomtvkbqg
- First commissioning: 2008 - Heating with fuel oil - Capacity: 400 kg/h steam - Operating pressure: up to 10 bar - Complete plant - In good condition - Was taken out of service because the output was too low for the new production line. Tm822gmt
Bottlecleaningmachine Fpesl2ux0 8 rows for bottles from 200ml up to 2000ml including oilburner
Elopak «Pure pak» filling line U-S80A 2007-2013 year Capacity : 8 100 p/h Volume : 0,5 / 0,75 / 1.0 l Consists : - tube sterilizer KF Engineering 2007 year -10 500 l/h, Siemens S7 - Elopak filling machine Nr. B 5, Ser. Nr. 453 U-S80A - conveyer Satorius AG -date printer Markem – Imaje S.A.S. - cap applicator Elopak Elopak - 22111 / 22121 / 22122 -cardboard packer Meurer GmbH -Palletizer Federspiel Line was totally repairs (RMR) and in mid-2018 has full technical service Hkl7qgon Excellent wor...
Line for pouring water or other liquids in 2 L packages The line includes: - Sidel SBO 4 PET bottle blowing machine - bottle feeding tunnel of own production - Nagema BF- 60 filler with a 12-head bottle capping machine - the Nagema saturator of the KOMI type - Krones labeller prod. Spomasz - bottle packing machine with a control cabinet - electric welding furnace + fan for cooling the welds - Pragometal pallet wrapping machine Bs30yiq0g8 Used machines for technical inspection It is possible to...
Consisting of: - Rinser 20 nozzles Xe7l9bdd - Filler 20 valves - Natural corker for 3 heads - Screw capper for3 heads 28x32 MCA Capacity: 3500 bph
The Cold Press No.1 squeezes more gently than other juicing methods. Fruit and vegetable juice is extracted without crushing the cells too much or creating undesirable heat. Iqioquz
including: - Filler 12 valves, with slight depression Ncvzysf2 - Screw capper 28 x 24 mm - Natural corker 29 mm - With rotary cap dispenser (screw caps) - Bottle sizes: Ø 56, 65, 66, 71, 86 mm - Working direction: left - right - Belt height: 1000 mm +/- 50 mm Dimensions: - Length: 2900 mm - Depth: 1480 mm - Height of the machine: 2190 mm - Height with capper dispenser: approx. 2500 mm - Weight: approx. 3000 kg - Very well-maintained machine - Machine in very good condition
Klinger Bottlecleaningmachine 5 rows for bottlesize from 200ml up to 2000ml incl. oilburner Bs8kuwo09u labelconveyor, to take the old labbels out of the machine bottlecollectingtable
Automatic labelling machine SR/1 from COMEN company Bst3772e93
Automatic bottle washer ZM Jerzy Robak type PBSz-01-12 - carousel according to the manufacturer is a device designed for rinsing with water glass bottles and bottles and packaging made of hard plastic. Technical characteristics - Manufacturer - Zakład Mechaniczny Jerzy ROBAK - Type - PBZs-01-12 Not9n - Year of production - 2017 - Power supply - 400 V - Power - 2.5 kW - Number of washing heads - 12 pcs. - Capacity - up to 4000 bottles / h - Weight - 1,200 kg - External dimensions: - length - 1 8...
Geisenheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6930 km
filter plate suitable for SEITZ Orion filter 400x400 S1 first plate Xurf0
- Bottle sizes: . Ø: min. 56, max. 115 mm . Height: min. 200 mm, max. 380 mm - With 4 blowers x 2.2 KW - Connection: 9.5 KW - Running direction: left - right - Dimensions : . Width: 1775 mm . Depth: 800 mm . Height : 1600 mm - Weight : 660 kg Bjvu7ffpx8 - Very little used machine - Machine in very good condition
Item: A-11554-SilosTank105m3 Vertical Insulated Silos tank capacity 105.000 L Dimensions: Dia Ø 4100/4350 mm Total H 9500 mm. Wrap height 8500 mm. Bpcntv8mpg Insulated with 100 mm rockwool finished with gray trapezoid plates. Top finished with stainless steel plate. Flat sloping bottom with drop to 5 "outlet, almond hatch at the bottom of the wrap. Side-mounted piping. AISI 304
1235. Sk. No:6, 06374 Ostim Osb/Yenimahalle/Ankara, Türkiye Turkey
4871 km
excellent (used)
Automatic water bottle filling machine for 5 gallons (Ersey), conveyors, filters, ozone machine and tank, laboratory equipments included. Semi automatic 5 gallons water bottle filling machine (Babyworks) Glass water filling machine (Betapak) please contact for detailed information. O70hkr3j
Geisenheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6930 km
filter plate suitable for SEITZ Orion filter 400x400 Blsegweljx
Monga Spain
8026 km
good condition (used)
The equipment listed includes all the elements for the production of commercial beer bottles. It has been hardly used and is in excellent condition. The brewing equipment includes grain processing, wort production, fermentation/maturation and bottling. All the tanks have been manufactured by Brewing Vessels Ltd in 2015. The beer production equipment has three 2000 L fermenting vessels and the capacity of the mash tun and wort kettle allows to fill one fermenter in a batch. It is also includ...
- Conveyor, length: 3000 mm between the axes - With hopper and extension for pouring large bins Btezu2vtsh . width 1150/1450 mm . height approx. 1250 mm - Band in very good condition
FILLING MACHINE FOR LIQUID IN BAGS Type: EL2 A-2160402 Machine no.: 427 Type: EP2 A-2500200 Machine no.: 25036 Year 2010 Connection: 400V 50Hz 6kw Output: 5400 U/h Volume (Max): 450 ml Volume (Min): 200 ml Other Specifications: Ecolean EL-2 bag filling line, year 2010 Bcmjr0godv Capacity: 5400 packages/hour (200ml and 250ml) and 5000 packages/hour (450ml) Product shelf life: - For pasterized milk and butter milk 10-14 days - For yoghurt 30 days Volume: 450 ml, 250 ml and 200 ml With Straw...
The machine consists of two units. It was in operation in a brewery. This facility was placed on the bottling lines. Fzwnd8p The machine should check the bottles and sort out the faulty bottles.
Geisenheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6930 km
Suitable for polylaminat capsules Format parts: starwheels and inlet screws 0,75l Bordeaux / 0,75l Burgunder / 0,75l Schlegel / 0,75l Bocksbeutel Video: Bl3unbb9n0
Kronoholmsvägen 4, 271 51 Ystad, Sweden Sweden
6585 km
refurbished (used)
GAROS GSI 160 ID.NO. 1672 Bpljtalhyc Garos GSI 160 salt injector with associated treatment plant. Year of cunstruction 2003, 4 mm needles, Bridge width 55 cm, Central lubrication very nice condition!
- Output: 1000 - 4000 Fl./Std - With 3 stations for self-adhesive labels - Body label Pvhpxe - Back label - Shoulder label - Different bottle sizes - Rectangular accumulation table 700 x 700 mm - Bottle conveyor drive - Machine in good condition - Available end of May 2021
Made of stainless steel, in mint condition, approx. 30h of operation only Year of construction: 2012 2sua9i Automatic bag in box filling machine consisting of: 1. Unfolding system for carton boxes O'Box Total automatically working unfolding system for carton boxes for following formats: 2-20l Function: Automatical unfolding system of presticked carton boxes, boxes taking system from the depot and forwarding of the unfolded carton via conveyor to the filling station. Operation menu incl. alarm,...
Automatic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine A-3000-4 is an automatic two-step bottle stretch blowing machine. It has 3 cavities and the capacity range of the products is from 0.25L to 2.2 L with productivity up to 4 000 bottles (1.0L) in hour. Vc2buji
Stari trg 14, 3210 Slovenske Konjice, Slovenia Slovenia
6362 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Geisenheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6930 km
Number of heads: 4 Cap: 30/60 BVS (Long cap) Cpppgcuw Format parts: starwheels and inlet screw 0,25l-0,375l / 0,50l / 0,75l Schlegel-Bordeaux / 0,75l Burgunder / 1,00l Video:
Stary Sącz, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
6023 km
unexamined (used)
225/5000 Bd8aox38v2 SATURATOR WITH MIESZACZ NAGEMA KOMI 160 Saturator Komi 160 [mix saturator] new control cabinet with documentation. Technical condition: used, for technical inspection 960l capacity Capacity 16 000 l / h
Estavayer Switzerland
7018 km
good (used)
- Capacity : 60 HL - Without compressor Bqayuf83bm - Without central power supply - With pomace removal - With feet, height 1500 mm
pasteurizer with pipe heat exchanger 600 l/h (up to 80°C) with automatic control Vyxxg storage tank for BiB with level control BaginBox filler with flow meter oil boiler 50kW mounted on braked trailer with tarpaulin max. weight: 1350 kg
Semiautomatic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine PV-30 is an two-step bottle stretch blowing machine. It has 1 cavity and the capacity range of the products is from 19.0 L to 30.0 L PETor PET KEG, barrels and cans with productivity up to 40 b/h Be2lvzphfl
TLG VACUUM FILLING MACHINE FOR SALE 0,5-1,5 liter bottles. Capacity: 4000-10,000 pcs / h. Water-based soft drinks only. With 30 filling heads. Has not been used since 2005. hot and cold filling, Besxmblhwh not suitable for filling carbonated beverages Price:20 000 EUR ELF EUROPE DUPLEX 16 HD P/G : oil and water-based duplex filling machine for the production of cooking oil, soft drinks and syrups. Year of manufacture 2000. 20 filling heads, gravitational, computer controlled, time-controlle...
Geisenheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6930 km
Table approx. 1.100 bottles with two hose grippers Iq2mvmfrw Video: Bottletable 4m Wide 1.3m Long 3 Row Output
The bottling monobloc - NAGEMA 60/12 filling machine Used Nagema bottling bottling machine Number of fillers: 60 items The machine is adapted for pouring 1.5 L PET bottles. We also offer a second machine adapted for pouring 2.0 L PET bottles. Iu3yfzvzy Condition: used, operational at the time of disassembly, regularly serviced
- Capacity: 40 HL - Without compressor - With central filling - With high frame: approx. 2000 mm - With catwalk - In good condition Dimensions: Width: 2100 mm Length: 3700 mm Oskfd