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Tailstock, counter bearing for dividing head, dividing attachment -Tip height: 255 mm -Recording: MK4 -Dimensions: see drawing with the pictures -Dimensions: 600/220 / H410 mm -Weight: 84 kg Odztf
Wiesbaden Germany
6525 km
excellent (used)
Normal center height: 200 mm Center height increased to: 230 mm with four-jaw chuck RÖHM, 250 mm Ø, bore 75 mm and Bpdvsgst7i Tailstock, center height 230 mm, taper MK 4
Index rotary table with Hirth serration Manufacturer: NIKKEN Type: NSVZ300 Year of manufacture: 2011 Bscbh0w9 faceplate diameter : 300 mm Table type : Hirth gearing spindle bore diameter : 60 H7 mm Center height : 170 mm Clamping system : Hydraulic Clamping torque : 2155 Nm newicht : 150 mm max. workpiece weight vertical : 150 kg max. workpiece weight horizontal : 300 kg The NIKKEN rotary table is designed for Siemens machines.
Bünde, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6452 km
centre height 130 mm spindle bore 18 mm ratio 40:1 swivellable - 10° bis 90° ° groove width 16 / 18 mm weight 28 kg dimensions of the machine ca. 0,5 x 0,25 x 0,25 m Unused semi-universal dividing set: - Spindle in precision tapered roller bearings B8cxybak - Phosphor bronze worm wheel, helix Cr-NI steel, hardened and ground - Translation disengageable for direct sharing - each division 2 to 50 and many divisions to 380 accessories: Tailstock, 2 part washers, centering point, driver and chuc...
Ennepetal, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6414 km
centre height mm weight 160 kg chucking diameter 250 mm Brhi2lblmb swiveling dividing head with three-jaw chuck from Forkardt F250 Chuck diameter: 250 mm Total weight: 160 kg
Witten, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6410 km
table diameter:160 mm Lutsx
Tailstock, counter bearing for dividing head, dividing attachment -Tip height: 135 mm -Height: adjustable -Recording: MK2 -Drawing with the photos Utp2co23y -Dimensions: 220/120/H140 mm -Weight: 11.4 kg
Dreieich, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6559 km
table diameter 320 mm table load 300 kg table height 120 mm chucking diameter 250 mm Beolmyczir weight of the machine ca. 100 kg dimensions of the machine ca. 600 X 350 X 300 mm - S/N: 224 - RÖHM three-jaw chuck including jaws
As good as new, only test used Lehmann EA510.L with Mavilor BLS 072 ERN motor. Axis has not yet made a chip, clamped counter bearing, 500 base plate, mounting set for bridge, 240mm faceplate, maintenance unit, wiring harness and Heidenhain single-axis inverter. Technical data - center height 150mm - Clamping torque 800Nm - max. 80 min-1 - 2m indoor cable set with wall bushing and Harting components - further technical data on request We would also be pleased to carry out the commissioning on yo...
Weißenhorn, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6739 km
height 200 mm length 1.030 mm wheel diameter 500 mm Dividing head: Disc Ø: 500 mm Length: 1,030 mm Height: 200 mm Benzn2wuyi Switch cabinet: Height: 1,060 mm Width: 530 mm Depth: 630 mm
centre height 90mm spindle culvert in tie rod 25mm Bkwlcz9 transmission 40 : 1 weight approx. 41 kg  
Dividing head, dividing head, rotary table, rotary table Vakyfe2tr -with translation: 1:40 -Admission inside: MK4 -Tip height: 165 mm -swiveling -Dimensions: 600/500/H300 mm -Weight: 84 kg
Bruchsal-Büchenau, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6593 km
excellent (used)
Rotary table Nikken CNC 180 27-06-000 Delivery time: immediately Number: 27-06-000 Machine data Year of construction: approx. 2009 L x W x H: approx. 300 x 400 x 300 mm Weight: approx. 120 kg Very good general condition Technical specifications 4th axis rotary table Face plate diameter: approx. 180 mm Clamping T-slots: 4 pieces a 12 mm Indexing: approx. 0.002 degrees Max. Table load: Vertical: approx. 50 kg Horizontal: approx. 100 kg Ct2r20y3 Further accessories on request Price an...
Compact and rigid rotary table with D600mm plate Working position - Horizontal&Vertical Bq99yd28z3 Center height 335mm Meain bearing approx. D350mm Transmission by dual lead worm&gear Hydraulic clamping system Available optionally direct encoder RON2380 and servo motor QSY155DEcoDyn.
Spiral milling device, dividing head, dividing attachment, rotary table, rotary table -Admission inside: SK40 -Tip height: 65 mm -Distance between centers: 440 mm Vbw9pezl8 -Passage: Ø mm -Reversing coupling for: left u. Right spiral -Pivotable for conical spirals: 0 - 45 ° -Dimensions: 760/430/H310 mm -Weight: 61 kg
Augsburg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6788 km
good (used)
Übersee, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6919 km
two dividers for sale 1x Hahn+Kolb, unknown type V0fpcpdv 1x unknown manufacturer 3-jaw chuck on picture 2 not included! Price on request
High load capacity rotary table with 2000x2000mm plate. Centered load capacity 15Tn and transmission by dual-lead worm gear in combination with planetary reducer. Main bearing approx. D1100mm. Hydraulic clamping system. Ovs7t Optionally available with Heidenhain RCN2580 encoder and Heidenhain QSY190DEcodyn motor.
Compact precision CNC rotary table, suitable for single part or small series production in precision mechanics. A horizontal or vertical assembly is possible. You can not buy a better quality! - Made in Germany - It is suitable as 4th axis on engraving and milling machines for engraving, lasering, drilling, grooving, milling or for use on a tool or surface grinding machine. Square, hexagonal, gear milling of any pitch or 3D machining are possible. Precision worm gearing with a reduction ratio of...
Tailstock, counter bearing for dividing head, dividing attachment B2ruj0l0 -Tip height: 257 mm -Admission: -Drawing with the photos -Dimensions: 350/250/H270 mm -Weight: 41 kg
Rotatable and tiltable dividing head make VEB Mikromat Dresden type MKT 300 S Year of manufacture 1976 Technical data: Diameter of the table surface 300 mm 8 T-slots radial 10 mm Rotation angle range 360 Reading possibility 1° / 5" Swivel angle range 90° Permissible load 30kP Height of the table when horizontal Hcek92dre standing table top 250 mm Outer dimensions approx. 540 x 550 mm Height 240 mm used, in good condition
NC rotary table with 800x800mm plate Working position - Vertical axis (horizontal plate) Transmission by worm&gear i:180 Hydraulic clamping system Prepeared (not included) direct encoder and servo motor Bq99ojffe2
little used, very well preserved, in design with graduation and indirect division by means of a dividing plate. Table size diam. 500 mm Overall height 150 mm 2aehsjbr Length 710 mm Width (without drive section) 590 mm T-slot width 16 mm Transmission ratio 1 : 120 Weight 180 kg Accessories: graduated disk, operating instructions.
Rotary table, rotary indexing table, dividing head, dividing head -Handover: in the current state as viewed Bm73uez9yy -Locking: locking pin damaged, see photo -Tip height: 150 mm -Dimensions: 300/380 / H240 mm -Weight: 37 kg
Tönisvorst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6357 km
Dividing head with 250 he Röhm four-jaw Chuck Spindle bore 60 mm Space requirements: L. 430 x B. H 200 x. 200 mm 3jmnoc99
Universal dividing head make ITEC Make # 02045A Bjwrsyz0ef Technical data: centre height 100 mm Lathe chuck diameter 110 mm with - Tailstock - Dividing plate - 11 Gear wheels / change gears used
High rigidity and precision rotary table with 800x800mm plate. Center height 600mm. Dqzd7chag Transmission by dual lead worm&gear and hydraulic clamping. Main bearing combined roller bearing D460mm. Direct encoder RON285C and Heidenhain QSY155DEcoDyn. Images might not fit with available rotary table.
little used. Table diam. 320 mm Overall height 116 mm T-slot width 14 mm Space required (without drive section) Width: 385 mm Length 480 mm Weight 74 kg Bokgc9xly9
Tailstock, counter bearing for dividing head, dividing head, tailstock for tool grinding machine, cylindrical grinding machine -Tip height: 135 mm -Admission: -Dimensions: 165/300/H190 mm -Weight: 8 kg 03l2kkqfs
Tönisvorst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6357 km
DESCRIPTION Dividing head make Walter Type HT 200 U Tip height 200 mm Recording SK 50 3fngr9pmo Spindle diameter 130 mm Weight 260 kg Space required: T. 500 x B. 650 x H. 450 mm DMT0Z2OCZN9
Rotary Table with face plate D600mm and center height 335mm. In perfect conditions, without usage by customer. Etcyclf Included elements; Heidenhain encoder RON285C, Siemens motor 1K7086 motor and manual tailstock. Worm & gear with reduction i:180 Hydraulic clamping system with 80Bar Work load capacity 1500Kg (vertical axis) and 750Kg (horizontal w/o tailstock)
for direct graduation via ratchet disc and burr graduation. Centre height with vertical position 125 mm Height with horizontal position 152 mm Direct graduation by means of ratchet disc, graduation 24 Swivel range 90° Space required for vertical position 300 x 320 x 280 mm high Bokgaj3zew Weight approx. 45 kg Accessories: three-jaw chuck WALTER, 200 mm diam.
Dividing head, spiral milling device, dividing attachment, tool holder for grinding, drill grinding machine, milling cutter grinding machine, drill grinding holder, milling cutter holder -Accessories: for tool grinding machine -Take: SK40 -Tip height: 110 mm -Part head: swivel/rotatable/tiltable -Dimensions: 420/350/H240 mm -Weight: 38 kg Hpm0gqt
Dividing head with 24 he direct Division Bcp2dkf8av or crank to Scala 200 he Röhm feed GES. Height 165 mm Depth 350 mm Width: 300 mm Weight 34.5 kg
Center height 75mm Distance between centers 350mm Spindle for W20 collets Tailstock MARCELS MASCHINEN CH Bihzqtys3g
Table can be mounted on any Haas milling machine with option 4th/5th axis. Or other machines as well. However, the connection of motors must be checked and the cable must be replaced. Optimal would be a HAAS VF3 to VF6 _____ Optionally a Haas VF2 SS BJ 2014 could be sold as a complete package Ptz22q
2 axis CNC rotary table. Oscillating circuit 400 mm, face plate 320 mm. High quality duplex gear teeth. Also available as direct drive. See picture 2. price for this 27.990 including Renishaw encoder. Technical data URH 320 i DT Faceplate diameter (mm) 320 Load capacity (kg) Horizontal 110 Vertical 70 Cdgcyyh8 Accuracy of swivel axis ±30". Accuracy of rotary axis ±15". Repeat accuracy 4". 2 years warranty. 2-axis rotary tables from 8.900,--€ ( 150 mm face plate ) 10.900,--€ (200 mm face plate) 1...
- Sub-apparatus - Fa. lid - vmtl. SK40 / mounting diameter approx. 30mm - Sales volume 1 pc. - used - functional - optical condition according to photos Shipping on request. We ship daily with DHL, general cargo (with loading board) and forwarding agent. All information about your purchase can be found during our business hours from Mon.-Thu. from 07:30 to 16:30 and Fri. from 07:30 to 14:00. Notes on how to buy our items: We would like to point out that we are not a specialist retailer for t...
Tailstock, counter bearing for dividing head, dividing attachment -Tip height: 150 mm adjustable -Admission: -Dimensions: 250/130/H155 mm -Weight: 12.6 kg B9sevbv
Universal dividing head for direct, indirect and differential division for milling spiral grooves, due to drive option via machine table spindle Phosphor bronze worm wheel, worm Cr-Ni steel, hardened and ground pivotable from 10° under horizontal to vertical (-10° to 90°) each pitch 2 to 50 and many pitches up to 380 Transmission ratio 40:1, adjustable Transmission can be disengaged for direct splitting Concentricity accuracy : 0,015 mm Dividing accuracy 1 min. Standard equipment: Bhppsn92n2 tai...

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