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Compressed air dryer, refrigeration dryer -Max. Pressure: 13 bar -Operating voltage: 240 V Bfg2axiyr8 -Dimensions: 485/350/H450 mm -Weight: 23.5 kg
WORTHINTON CREYSSENSAC Rollair 1500 Receiver/Dryer Model: RLR1500AMT7/300 3 phase 2002 KW: 11 KW Max Bar : 7,7.5 Free Air Delivered (CFM)60 at 8 Bar Free Air Delivered (CFM)50.6 at 10 Bar Free Air Delivered (CFM)42.2 at 13 Bar Free Air Delivered (l/min)1700 Free Air Delivered (m3/h)102 Air Outlet ( BSP )3/4" Weight 351 kg Noise Level - dB(A)61 dB(A) Length 1530 mm Width 662 mm Height 1531 mm Zlkncz3l Tank Size 270 Litre Checked & Tested By Airflow Compressor & Pneumatics Ltd on 15-5-18
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
8021 km
volume capacity: 1,00 m³/min Electric capacity: 0,17 kw electrics - voltage/frequency: 220-230/50 V/Hz protection class: IP20 air pressure: min/max:15/45 bar weight: 38 kg dimensions L x W x H: 600x450x550 mm nominal power of the dryer: - pressure connections 3/8" - refrigerants R 134a - removal of condensate G - PED 97/23/EC - TSL 2°C - TSH 60°C S8zhlurfn The mentioned details are relating to a operation pressure of 40 bar, of a aior pressure entrance temparature of 25 °C, such as an ambient t...
Compressed air dryer, refrigeration dryer -Max. Pressure: 16 bar -Power: approx. 3000 l/min at +7 °C. -Operating voltage: 240 V. -Dimensions: 450/600/H880 mm 0yuyuuk -Weight: 84 kg
Munters Dehumidifier / Dryer Type: ML 180 E All data can be taken from the type plate. 2 pieces are available. Ehqvpqujo
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
8021 km
operating pressure: 13 bar volume capacity: - voltage: 230 V air-pressure connection: 1 Zoll total power requirement: 0,54 kw weight: ca. 52 kg 7nkgtxinl dimensions L x W x H: 0,8 x 0,4 x 1,0 m - dehumidifying of compressed air - working pressure air conditioning max. 35 bar - refrigerant R 134 A - heat exchanger - size 320 x 180 x 315 mm - fan dia. = 260
I offer an adsorption dryer from the company Zander. You can use it to prepare compressed air for the mechanical and medical purpose. The dryer can be viewed on site. Since it is a used machine I can take over no guarantee or warranty. Brwbpnxon7 The dryer ran until about mid-January but was disconnected because a new compressor has been purchased.
Zander adsorption dryer, pressure booster KE-MT 15 Operating overpressure: 7 bar B8ffmo9c Permissible operating overpressure: 16 bar Volume: 24,4 L Medium: compressed air
Beckingen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7835 km
good condition (used)
Compressed air refrigeration dryer Manufacturer Atlas Copco Type FX7FC Year of manufacture 2018 C98xf3rju Was little in use Very good condition
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7666 km
Compressed air dryer, refrigeration dryer -Manufacturer: Friulair, compressed air dryer DFE 5 -Max. Pressure: 16 bar -Power: approx. 550 l/min -Operating voltage: 230 V. -Dimensions: 640/450/H505 mm -Weight: 60 kg Bjuingto0u
Munters Dehumidifier / Dryer Type: MCS 300 E All data can be taken from the type plate2 2 pieces are available. Bt7lathg
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
8021 km
operating pressure: bar volume capacity: voltage: V air-pressure connection: Zoll total power requirement: 0,16 kw weight: kg dimensions L x W x H: m dryer Buran Buran DSM, YOM 1998; capacity 0,16kW, possible pressure 16bar, Filter-Ultramat Typ AG 0009, with internal safety against overpressure - with oil separator Damwkzd
Flow Rate: 0.15m3/min Dimensions (mm): 775 x 778 x 170 Coql3hh Weight: 37Kg Compact DC desiccant dryers are ideal for decentralised air treatment applications where space is at a premium, as they can be simply mounted on the wall. They also provide the perfect solution for achieving the very low-pressure dew points required by the packaging and pharmaceutical industries for example, as well as for installations in containers and production of instrument air.
For sale is a Mark brand compressed air dryer. Ciixcjhcg For more details see photos.
Article no.:1.8008.400.10 Yr:2001 ,Serial no:1342 Operating pressure:18 bar, Power:3/400V/50Hz Bnz3owwe0v
Compressed air dryer, refrigeration dryer Vqgsyxq2r -Max. Pressure: 16 bar -Operating voltage: 380 V -Dimensions: 1050/950/H1770 mm -Weight: 556 kg
Munters Dehumidifier / Dryer ComDry M 210 X All data can be taken from the type plate. Brwvkg97yp 3 pieces are available.
Used FirstAir MKE305 air dryer include filter Year 2019 used good condition immediately avai5,082,67 m³/min maximum working pressure 16 bar connection : 1 1/2" elektrical voltage : 230 V Visit our store in Erlangen / Germany. Briopvaz8k Dimension and weight: height: 874 mm width: 503 mm length: 553 mm weight: 83 kg
Leingarten Germany
7993 km
excellent (used)
Hankison refrigerant dryer for piston compressors Bpvpca8kyf Delivery rate ~700l/min Power consumption: 0,47 KW Max. operating pressure: 16 bar Weight: 42 kg
KAESER refrigeration dryer type TCH 36 in mint condition, this is an exhibit. With electronically controlled condensate drain and stainless steel plate heat exchanger system with air/air heat exchanger. The original instruction manual is available. Technical data: Volume flow: 3,5 m³/min Pressure dew point: 3°C Pressure drop: 0,25 bar Max. Overpressure: 16 bar Compressed air connection: G 1¼ Electr. supply: 230 V / 1 / 50 Hz Dimensions in mm: 640x663x609 Weight in kg: 69 Refrigerant: R-134a wit...
Omega Air refrigeration dryer. OMD 410 / AC, 410 m³ / h. Bjtl38ujw9
Liquid separators, separators, separators for compressed air technology, compressed air dryers, refrigeration dryers -Separator: not used -Max. Pressure: 9 bar -Max. Temperature: 120 °C -Connection: DN80 -Dimensions: 460/650/H240 mm -Weight: 26 kg Ydfbvcsko
Munters Dehumidifier / Dryer ComDry M 190 Y All data can be taken from the type plate. 8 pieces are available. Tbhliqwh
Bad Sooden-Allendorf Germany
7899 km
unexamined (used)
max. operating pressure 16 bar Volume flow*: 0.8 m³/min Pressure dew point: 3°C Pressure loss: 0,15 bar Mass: 26 kg Dimensions (WxDxH): 386x473x440 mm Jicf7nr Compressed air connection: G 1/2 Power consumption at 100% vol: 0.19 kW
Used compressed air refrigerant dryer KAESER TC31 Crvckje0a with low-energy SECOTEC control. with electronically controlled steam trap The dryer is fully functional and in very good condition. Year of construction: 2018 Techn.Daten: Flow rate: 3.20 m³ / min Pressure dew point: 3 ° C Overpressure: 3 to 16 bar Ambient temperature: + 3 ° C to + 43 ° C Max. Compressed air inlet temperature: + 55 ° C Connection compressed air: G 1 " Dimension (W x D x H): 764 x 660 x 1009 mm Weight: 155 kg electri...
KAESER TF 251 refrigeration dryer Bnd8fl3rgf Article no. 1.8081.0 Refrigerant R134a Refrigerant Capacity 4,6 kg Operating pressure (refrigeration system) HP side 21 bar Operating pressure (refrigeration system) NO side 16 bar Tightness tested Max. Operating pressure (air system) 16 bar Nominal voltage / phase / frequency 400V / 3 / 50 Hz Rated current 9.2 A Ambient temperature +3 degrees C / + 43 degrees C
COMPAIR F120HS 12.00m3 DRYER 2016!!! Refrigerant dehumidifier COMPAIR F120HS Efficiency 12000 l/min Year 2016 Bp37wi8fe3 Dehumidifier fully operational; we provide service. net price 7900 pln gross price 9717 pln
refrigeration dryer, air dryer Kaeser TB in excellent condition for sale + kaeser aquamat 2 oil water separator + VEGADIFF 35 Type: Kaeser TB 26 year of manufacture: 2003 max full m3 / min: 2.6 max air drying capacity m3 / h: 160 m3 / h -max. Operating pressure bar: 16 -Connection: 1 " -Refrigerant: R 134a -3 micron filter - Kaeser eco drain electronic condensate drain Cqfaqv8yy - voltage: 230v 50Hz 7A Weight: 125kg dimensions: 620x540x990 mm If you need more information. We're here to help! ...
Atlas Copco Refrigeration dryer FD285 Compact, fully automatic, air-cooled compressed air drying system. Bocj7dyxsz Volume flow: 17.10m³ / min
Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7899 km
reconditioned (used)
Working pressure 18 bar Bia9qgeamv
Refrigeration compressed air dryer Donaldson Ultrafilter - still in original packaging - : Prices (net) ex location: only 4.950.-€! Refrigeration compressed air dryer for safe and economical compressed air drying Manufacturer: Donaldson Model: DV 2800 AP Etcbb0z80 Type: 817A Year of construction: 2014 Coolant: 134a, 6,5kg Volume flow m3/h: 2.800 = / min. 47 Differential pressure mbar: 120mm 16 bar 380-400V 4,3KW Compressed air volume: 62L, PS 16 Bar Refrigerant Vessel: Volume 6L, PS 20bar ...
Flow treated according to temperature of compressed air input - 35° C: 36m³/h; 21,2 cfm - 40° C: 29,5m³/h; 17,4 cfm - 45° C: 24,8m³/h; 14,6 cfm Nominal electrical power: 0,16 kW Power supply voltage: 230V/50 Hz./1 Ph Refrigerant gases: R134a Bj0kqalmf3 incl. Oil Condensate Seperator S13
Max. air pressure: 14bar, max. ambient temperature: 50°C, coolant pressure: 30-43bar, length: 836mm, width: 661mm, length: 982mm, weight: 170kg YEAR 2015 Bjqkaxoqwr Operating hours 4772 hrs. Super condition. Delivery with forwarding agency possible.
Atlas Copco Refrigeration dryer FX15 Compact, fully automatic, air-cooled compressed air drying system. Iwjoxedby Volume flow: 15.00m³ / min
ALMIG ALM1320400 1014007 Refrigerant dryerModel year 2014 Fe7xyxz
Donaldson ultrafilter HRS-SGD 2400 M compressed air dryer Donaldson ultrafilter HRS-SGD 2400 M Heat regenerating adsorption dryer Dryer type: HRS-SGD 2400 M voltage: 400 V Operating pressure: 4-10 bar Prefilter element: MF 02/5 Post-filter element: PE 02/05 Tank: Adsorber DN 750 Volume: 610 liters PT: 16,16 bar PS: 0 / 10 bar year: 2016 flanged radiator: 32,5 kW Typical applications for the HRS adsorption dryers are ● Central compressed air treatment: Generation of dry, oil-free and particle...
Offer 1x new refrigerant dryer with enormous capacity of 85 m3.incl condensate separator. There are 2 pieces in stock. Goods stored for a long time . For questions ONLY call through as not present. Biduh38xfa
Steinfurt, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7694 km
For complete drying of compressed air, it is necessary to use refrigerated dryers. RDX series dehumidifiers are a robust design with low pressure loss and high efficiency. Features - High efficiency heat exchanger with low pressure loss - Efficient removal of moisture with low power usage - Ozone friendly refrigerants R134a and R404a - A constant low dew point for efficient moisture removal - Effective dehumidification in the separator regardless of load - Compact design - Easy to install - Sim...
Wiesbaden, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7877 km
Atlas Copco Refrigeration dryer FX6 Compact, fully automatic, air-cooled compressed air drying system. Ps9anlsi Enprint: 13bar Volume flow: 2.34m3/min
Korschenbroich Germany
7713 km
excellent (used)
Prices do not include VAT and do not include shipping & packaging cash in advance only Nt33x The plant is in very good condition and immediately ready for operation.
Zander Arctic Star AS 1100 Compressed Air refrigeration Dryer / Kältetrockner Age: 2002 Air flow: 1100 m3/h Bkyqldpjkx Min. Refriger circuitdesign pressure: 19 barg Max. Refriger circuitdesign pressure: 28 barg Min. Air Pressure: 1 barg Max. Air pressure: 12 barg Max. Air IN: 60 °C Min. Ambient Climatic Class: 5 °C / ST IP44 400 V – 50 Hz / 3 kW
Refrigerant System Refrigerant: R-22 3z87wqet Charge: 2,95 kg Working pressure HP: 25 bar Working pressure LP: 10,3 bar Volume receiver: XXXX Volume Accumulator: 3,9 L Air System Working pressure: 15 bar Volume Vessel: 7,5 L Electrical Suply NEtwork: IP41 Voltage: 380/420/3/N/PE/50 Hz Nominal Power: 2,08 kW Nominal current: 3,9 A Ambient Temperature: 25°C