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Complete workshops / machine packages for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Lindesberg, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
6492 km
ready for operation (used)
Dyrebo Klyv- linje med Stenner VHET 120 dubbelbandsåg. 1. Pkt intag med 4 st kedjor ca: 6 m. 2. Hydr. Virkes tilt med 4 st armar. Bsenc3bymd 3. Ströficka med rembana ca: 6 m. 4. Virkes elevator med sidoföring ca 1 m med 5 st kedjor. 5. Klyvinmatare med rem och sido linjaler ca: 6 m. 6. Styr pulpet. 7. Stenner dubbel- bandsåg VHET 120, Maskin nr: AK96178. 8. Remutmatning med skiljelinjal samt pneum. Flagger för avlägg hö/vä. 9. Packetläggare med 5 st kedjor, 5 st utläggningsgafflar och jämndragni...
The line consists of the following machines: Brwwf77i9m BARGSTEDT feeding HOMAG FL 65/25/2 for cross processing Angle transfer HOMAG FL 63/15/2 for longitudinal processing BARGSTEDT destacking
9300, Österreich Austria
7093 km
refurbished (used)
Cambio 45 Debarking line build on a Scania Truck. Fully automatic, and in good working condition. Oxt3b
Sale of new, patented system for the machining of residual and round wood into directly usable chips for pelletizing or similar, usable without a hammer mill. Dnnizskgk Electric drive, output: approx. 30 - 150 m³ / h or more, several machine types available, new market for machine builders / manufacturers, available immediately, further information on the phone
Obtaczarka SAFO DNAA 140 Wzxylkgt fi 40 -140 mm the machines are from 1993-1995 The machines worked intensively for 5 years, later used sporadically we are selling because of the plant's liquidation
2 machining lines. One for 1st sorting and one for 2nd sorting. 1) Thomas Petterson vac loader TP 600, Dimter fingerjoint, TP loader for Obel P HF-press, Aut. feed up to 24 m lenghts + 5 pushers and automatic lifts, quer transport, Kupfermuehle 4-sided planer. Casco glues to surface. 2) Dimter fingerjoint, Dimter saw, TP HF press. Outlet conveyor 24 m with automatic stop and buffer. Dxg87m
Bandsåg Canali 1100 med virkestilt, in- och utmatning, paketrullbanor, lyftbord m.m. Guu8sej 1. Rullbana med lyftbord 2. Virkestilt 3. Klyvinmatar med rem och styrlinjal 4. Bandsåg Canali 1100 5. Utmatnings rullbana med skiljelinjal och avpuffare höger/vänster – – – Kategori: Träbearbetningsmaskin Maskintyp: Bandsåg Status: Begagnad, fungerande skick Skicka mer info
Graz Austria
7153 km
excellent (used)
A complete logyard is sold here. Delivery only possible in its entirety, single sale is excluded. The logyard is fully functional and a trial run is possible by arrangement if there is serious interest. Furthermore, the complete sawmill (see my other advertisements) would also be available. The log yard includes among other things: 1. log feeder 10 meters long, 4.5 meters wide 2. root reducer Bruks with soundproof enclosure Onoyt 3. mesutronic metal detector Year of manufacture 2012 4. 3D wood ...
Round log production line for sale. Manufacturer: Asko Nurmi OY (Finland) Year of manufacture: 2012 Production capacity: up to 200 cbm per month List of equipment: - 2 Jumbo XL machines for log rounding and groove cutting. - Dandem machine with CNC for automated cross-cutting, cope cutting and dowel holes cutting consisting of fixed part and moving part. Control system is based on Siemens S 7-200, CPU 224 XP, Siemens touch pad. Positioning - ranging laser. - Plus machine for cope cutting (+/- 45...
Auction finished
Badalona Spain
6524 km
ready for operation (used)
- 1 CNC Working Center WEEKE-HOMAG Optimat BP60 (year 2000) - 1 Shear GIBEN type 178MOS82, with control, cutting length 4500 mm -1 Shearing Center GIBEN Prismatic 301, max. length 3100 mm with tables and conveyors -1 Shear SMC-GIBEN working length 2400 mm -2 Machining Centers HOMAG type VFL79 P/A -2 Hydraulic Presses CAMP-Rexroth with heated plates, tables 900x560mm and 550x530mm -2 Diesel Forklifts LINDE HD-80 for 8000 kgs (year 1997 and 2007) - 4 Electrical Forklifts LINDE E20 x 2, E25 x 2 of ...
Debarking machine Wema Probst WS200A Phaser- sharpener WEMA Probst WPS 17 Phaser Wma Probst machines for producing grape stakes Ome8z the machines are from 1993-1995 The machines worked intensively for 5 years, later used sporadically we are selling because of the plant's liquidation
Lindesberg, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
6492 km
ready for operation (used)
ALMAB linje med ändspont och Waco Dominant 1. Paket intag med 4st kedjor ca. 8 m. 2. Hydr. virkes tilt med 4st armar. 3. Sidotransportör ca. 1,5 m med 5st kedjor. 4. Ströficka med remtransportör. 5. Virkes elevator med 5 st kedjor. 6. Sidotransportör ca. 1,5 m med 6st kedjor. 7. Sidotransportör ca. 1,5 m med 6st band. 8. Klaff med 9st rullskenor 9. Sidotransportör ca. 2 m med 6st kedjor. 10. Hyvelinmatare med 9 st plastkedjor, hydr. med frammatnings hjul. 11. Sidotransportör under inmatare för o...
A complete sawmill is sold here. Only all machines can be sold together, a single sale is not planned at the moment. The sawmill is fully functional and a trial run is possible by arrangement if there is serious interest. Furthermore, the whole round timber yard (see my other advertisements) would also be available. Bosotezteq The sawmill includes among other things 1. round timber feeding 4 strands with taper roller conveyor with main turner with separation with inlay 2. clamping carriage remot...
The line includes: CNC framing station with automatic feed WEM 150/12;, three multifunctional bridges with CNC (2 WMS120 and WMS100); 7 Wall Panel Processing Table WTW 150; tools and accessories. Additional information on request. The seller is ready to organize dismantling, transportation, installation and commissioning of equipment to any place Bkw3yu9uvv
• Inclined transverse conveyor table (board unitizer) composed of 6 chain tracks with their conveyor stops, driven by its gearmotor. • Meson of Longitudinal Conveyor Rollers, driven by gearmotor. Length 15 m approx. • Transverse conveyor table consisting of five chain tracks with trailing stops. Length between axis 2 m approx. • Longitudinal feeding table with automatic centering system, lateral mechanical probes for copying the dead edge and ordering the appropriate position of the saws and "ed...
Lindesberg, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
6492 km
ready for operation (used)
ALMAB linje med Waco 3000 1. Pkt intag med 4 st kedjor ca: 6 m. 2. Virkes tilt med 4st armar. 3. Strörem under tilt. 4. Sidotransportör ca. 2 m med 5st kedjor. 5. Hyvelinmatare med 9st plastkedjor, hydr. med frammatnings hjul. 6. Hyvelmaskin WACO 3000 -82, 7-spindlig, 4st matarverk, frekvens 120 m/min. mv-uk-ök-mv-sdk-vsk-ök-mv-uk-uk-mv. 7. Acc. rem efter hyvel ca. 6 m. 8. Remtransportör ca. 8 m med avpuff. 9. Sorteringsharpa med 12st sorterings fack. 10. Buntfickor med 5st kedjor som frammatnin...
line for the production of frame houses based on Burmek equipment. Produced in 1999, modified in 2005. The line includes: 1. Machine for cutting corner joints; 2. Table for assembling the frame of wooden house panels; 3. Two bridges for feeding frame liners; 4. Two processing axles (Transport mechanism of the mounting bridge, transport mechanisms for moving attachments, pneumatic staple mechanism 2 pcs. Pneumatic staple mechanism with a staple magazine, rotary saw (0-90 degrees) with aspiration,...
• Complete Feeding System composed of: a.- Inclined transversal conveyor consisting of 4 chain tracks with drag stops for "unitized" pieces. Chain drive by motorcycle reducer. b.- Meson conveyor longitudinal of logs, length approx 4 meters, roller set driven by motor reducer. Feeding table, centering, automatic, entry of the pieces. • Debarker brand VALON KONE model VK-26MX a.- Ring type barker rotor with 6 work tools. b.- Hydraulic pressure of the knives, adjustable. c.- Electric-hydraulic pu...
Lindesberg, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
6492 km
ready for operation (used)
ARI 2-klinga, 3-klinga, råklyv, kantverk mm. Evhbocdam
Lindesberg, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
6492 km
ready for operation (used)
Hyvel Waco HM 200 -75; 6-spindlig och Bandsåg Stenner VHM 36 1. Rullskenor in 2st á ca 6m 2. Rullbänk in till bandsåg 3. Bandsåg Stenner VHM 36, 75mm blad, 15hk motor 4. Utmatningsrullbana ca 8m avlägg höger/vänster med skiljelinjal 5. Sidoföring ca 5m med 5st kilrep 6. Rullskenor in till hyvelinmat. 2st á 4m 7. Hydr. Lyftbord 3000kg 8. Hyvelinmatare KFM -07 med 4 buffertkedjor. Frekvensstyrd upp till 100m/min 9. Hyvel Waco HM 200 -75; 6-spindlig, Hydr. Matning 0-50 m/min samt hydr. frontlager. ...

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