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Pelletizing presses for sale

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Identified location: India (Edit)
Pelleting plant Amandus Kahl 4 presses 1250 each 2 x 200 KW mixers, screens, elevators, coolers, electrics etc. Buevyh2zve BJ 2011, new Volume of goods: Total 11 trucks
Sale of new, patented system for the chipping of residual and round wood into directly usable chips for pelletizing or similar, usable without hammer mill. Bq0hn8fpdn Electric drive, output: approx. 30 - 150 m³ / h or more, several machine types available, new market for machine builders / manufacturers, available immediately, further information on the phone
Buchler pelleting press. 2 tons in one hour. 6 mm. Bue30oihy2
The LP22 pellet mill is designed for professional use in industrial and agricultural environments. The new shape of the roller wheels ensures maximum throughput and reduces wear. The integrated central lubrication and water pump ensure maximum user-friendliness. Technical data: Dimensions: 1.55 x 0.70 x 1.59 m Weight: 850 kg Total electrical power: 24 kW Connected load: 63 CEE plug (63A pre-fuse necessary) Material container automatic operation 4 cubic meters with discharge via conveyor belt for...
Pellet plant: Manufacturer Salmatec, BJ 2009 capacity 6 tons/hour Zdbhfww With drum dryer - capacity 3 tons/hour With silos for dry material and pellets
Straw pelletizing line 400-700 kg/hour, straw pellets 8 mm, output pellet density up to 1350 kg/m.cub The complete straw pelletizing line contains: - Complex for chopping rectangular or round bales with additional food belt model: CGS-1 - Raw material homogenization hopper - Volume 3 m.cubes, overload sensor, feed auger - Minicomplex pellet press model: GFD-0.7 Eyjdt9mro - Mini food auger components (lignin, dextrin, bran, etc.) - Semi-automated bag dosing system with automated bag bagging, bag ...
Matrica and roller for pelleting press 6 mm. Bhlavp0q
Horst Germany
6831 km
refurbished (used)
Refurbished press C38-600 (version in stainless steel) Wave with new grooves and grooves stones newly stored (all bearings and shaft seals new) Revised hydraulic nut revised 4-Kant head Positive-drive new Koller Redesigned vertical shaft new knife holder and knife Hhx90wab8 Revised matrix seat sandblasted and powder-coated new oil system with oil pump, filters, flow meters, thermometers, strainers and lines 75-110kW motor on request including Worm shaft and worm wheel in very good condition Mat...
We produce non-standard products: Brsgistoyp Granulators - Pellet presses TSF motor powers from 55 kw to 500 kw Pellet lines from 500kg / h to 10t / h Raw material feeds Raw materials for mills and shredders Conveyor Coolers Applicants Packing machines Sincerely, Justinas Račka
Minicomplex pellet press - Granulator Series "PellTech" model: GFD-0.3 rotary flat mold Technical specifications: Pellet productivity up to: 200 - 300 kg / hour depending on the raw material. Flat mold diameter: 300 mm Pellet diameter: 4-6-8-10-12 mm Adjustable pellet length: 10 - 30 mm Main Engine - 1 X 18.5/22 kW Total installed power - 25/30 kW Three-phase current - 400V, coil voltage 24V / 230V within the limits of +/- 5%, frequency 50 Hz Dimensions: 4500 X 1500 X 2200 Weight: 1450kg Moistur...
Pelletproduction line main equipment – sawdust dryer, hammermill EuroMilling EU4000-P, pelletpress Münch RMP660 2x110 kW motors, cooling tower, silos, screens etc. BigBag silo with dosing, small packs automatic line Fisker M1000 with capacity 13-14 bags/min, bags up to 30 l/bag, FireFly sprinkler system, Siemens control el.equipment, main fuse 630 A Bifhgc8nh8 Line is built up 2008 as all new machinery, production in one shift up 2017, capacity up to 2,5 tons/h, line is still under power and i...
• main shaft with grooses and new sliding blades • all bearimg /sealings are checked/changed • new grooves and sliding blocks • hydraulic nut revised • roller head revised (4 rollers) Rlswsi2h • knife holders and knives • die seat revised • sandblasted and powder coated • new oil system with oil pump, filter, flow meter, • thermometer, dirt trap and pipes • 90-110kW engine possible • worm shaft and worm wheel in good conditions
Technical details : - Capacity - 1500 kg / h - Year - 2014 - Power - 145 Kw Line Consists : - Barking machine - Primary mill - Transporters - Drier - Boiler - Secondary mill - Part for damping Bztc9owi - Pellet Press - Packing unit - Dust silos - Other supporting equipment Line is almost new , just one season !
2 pieces of clamping jaws for CPM pellet boiler available. Yvxblyd2 Price per piece.
Granulator TSF200 with two rollers, rotating matrix Productivity ~ 60-300 kg / h Engine power 7.5kW (depending on raw material) The thickness of the matrix is ​​3.2 cm Pellet diameter (specify when ordering) standard 6mm Number of pressing rollers 2pcs Machine weight ~ 250kg Granulator TSF230 with two rollers, rotating matrix Productivity ~ 100-350 kg / h Engine power 11kW (depending on raw material) Matrix thickness 3.5 cm Pellet diameter (specify when ordering) standard 6mm Number of pressing...
Granulator for sawdust series "PellTech" model: GFD-0.2 Fermier Evenly pressing pellet head with 4 rollers, roller lubrication without stopping production. Pellet production up to 250 kg / h Frequency converter 18.5 kW Pellet diameter: sawdust 6 mm or straw 8 mm Specifications: Productivity up to: 250 kg / h depending on raw materials. Working diameter of rotating dies mold: 280mm Die thickness: 36 mm Die rotations: +/- 155 rpm Pinch roller diameter: 133mm Large drive pulley diameter: 800mm with...
Białystok Poland
5935 km
good condition (used)
For sale we have a CPM granulator model 7722 matrix diameter 572 mm engine 200kW Pvgilxyx Capacity on sawdust 2-2.5 t / h, straw 2 t / h
Horst Germany
6831 km
refurbished (used)
Refurbished press C45-1250 wood version (= reinforced version) Pellet press, type flat die C45 - 1250 for the production of presslings Condition of use: Ambient temperature Press 0 to + 40 °C consisting of: split cast casings, equipped with cooling fins in the gearbox area Dust and inlet hood with product distributor King shaft with axial and radial bearing Kollerkopf with collier rollers made of flame-hardened steel Distance rings Discharge equipment Worm gearbox, running in the oil bath, w...
Đakovo Croatia
6121 km
excellent (used)
Technical Details : For sale complete plant for wood pellet production, made from CPM, capacity 6t/h. A most of the machines from line are produced in between 2008-2010.y., except presses for making pellets (its bit older then rest of the line, but complete renewed before restarting. Line is consisting from: 1.Chain conveyor for logs transport. 2.Lift with angle platform for dosing material. 3.Entrance belt transporter with magnetic section for detection of iron. 4.Grinder (hammer mill) BRUKS ...
New (Each unit tested individually). Productivity up to 1 tonne per hour. Production line adapted for the production of straw pellets. Possible to produce: wood pellets, straw pellets, hay pellets, husk and more. Dhnbshbpk The production line consists of: raw material conveyor, 1st material shredder, 2nd material shredder, material storage bunker, granulator, feeder conveyor, steam generator, cooler of granules, scale, Control panels, full electricity. calculations show that the payback period o...
- Min and Max sensors of raw material - Maintenance and observation door - Oil reservoir for cleaning - Oil reservoir for automatic lubrication - Auger for raw material feeding - Connection for maintenance - Moisturizing complect - oil cooling system for roller and bearings - Electronic control system - Efficiency ~400kg/h Ejujbnpgk - New die 6 mm - Cooling screw
Minicomplex pellet press - Granulator Series "PellTech" model: GFD-0.7 rotary flat mold Technical specifications: Pellet productivity up to: 400 - 700 kg / hour depending on the raw material. Flat mold diameter: 400 mm Pellet diameter: 4-6-8-10-12 mm Adjustable pellet length: 15 - 30 mm Main Engine - 1 X 45 kW Total installed power - 55 kW Three-phase current - 400V, coil voltage 24V / 230V within the limits of +/- 5%, frequency 50 Hz Dimensions: 7500 X 2500 X 3000 Weight: 3500kg Moisture conten...
Białystok Poland
5935 km
excellent (used)
I will sell a Simon Barron 90kW granulator, identical to CPM 2000 matrix and rollers and parts analogous to the CPM 2000 granulator Nunw2
Horst Germany
6831 km
refurbished (used)
Refurbished press 40-1000 Ce2whpjc 4 he Kant head Nbm2x Hydraulic nut Completely new bearing set at the press of Completely new bearing set at the head of Koller Press is blasted and repainted. Currently, still a favourite colour can be specified. Minimal wear on the screw shaft and the drive gear for vertical shaft Motor and matrix can be offered separately. Additional information
Technical Details : - Power - 2x70 kw - Year - 2013 - Capacity - 1500-2000 kg Line consist: 1. Burner dispenser 2. Tank above the mill 3. Mill 4. Homogenizer with cyclone Nn87b 5. Space for stopping 6. Cooling fan 7. Transporter 8. Before the air conditione 9. Tank overhead 10. Conditioner with dispenser 11. Press paladin 600B-130-R ANDRITZ FEED and BIOFUL, GERMANY 12. Stand for the press 13. The transporter underneath 14. A refrigerated freezer elevator 15. Refrigerator 16. Tran...
Special price! Rather than only 17500 nor 14500 euro. Sell straw pelleting press. Built in 2011, in a very good to sand. Only 1080 hours worked. Bcxor8g0vs No press! Location: Lithuania. Set includes: Transporter for straw bales (round, square) Shredder / Crusher. Hammer mill with stone catcher. Cyclones with sluice gates. Air filtration equipment. Electricity control boxes (1units). Packing into big bags equipment. EKO filter. Straw transporter for straw bales (round, square, diameter u...
New counterflow cooler for pellets. Technical details: Cooling Volume (m3): 4,5 Capacity (t/h): 10 Colling time (min): Not less than 8~15 Xkpvzxdzy Product temperature after cooling: Not 3~5 oCo higher than ambient temperature. Air Absorbing Volume (m3/min.t): 34 Power (kW): 0.8 Power of Airlock (kW): 1,1 Dimensions of cooler (mm): 2000 x 2000 x 4600
* electric control board * main motor (KW 22 380V 50HZ) Udhincfd * material sensor * produzione 350 Kg./H depends on the working material * Pellets Ø 6 mm. * material container * Dimensions of the machine P 1700 mm x L 1600 mm x H 2300 mm * Weight: kg. 1800
Białystok Poland
5935 km
excellent (used)
Model 2000 CPM granulator with 90kW engine Efficiency on straw sawdust 1-1.2 t / h Cxshetl0w Very good granulator
Refurbished press 39-1000 Gffjxmjiq 4 head of Koller Completely new bearing set at the press of Completely new bearing set at the head of Koller 160 kW drive power (should you want a larger power, can we this happy realiseren). Press is blasted and powder-coated. Currently, still a favourite colour can be specified. Minimal wear on the screw shaft and the drive gear for vertical shaft It motor and matrix can be offered separately.
ready for operation (used)
Pellet plant. Systems srl. P300-7L Bpphpwb2w year of construction: 2007 approx.: 450kg/h with day silo with hammer mill with press with packing and scale
Viduklė Lithuania
6026 km
excellent (used)
Very good condition. More info at factory.lt/lt/produkcija/granuliu-gamybos-iranga/granuliu-presas -ogm15a 6 mm GRAF die. 2 pieces available. Bo8yug7asv
We sell an automatic pelletizing line for wood pellets with a capacity of 950-1000kg / hour, expandable to 2000kg / hour for wood raw materials. Dosing container, crusher, transport routes, intermediate hoppers with level and quantity control, pellet hoppers, pellet sorter from dust and abrasion, reinforced TL700 press, BS6 dryer without boiler. Functional connected, so far occasionally operated line for dried materials. High efficiency - 1-person operation (for drying -2 person operation), dece...
* electric cabinet W0ykocgh * main motor (KW 22 380V 50HZ) * material sensor . * 1 die for wood pellets * production aprox 350 kg/h depends on the working material * Pellet Ø 6 mm. * Diameter of the die outside: 420 mm * width of pellet-trace: 70 mm * 2 rollers * saw dust box over the machine * automatic lubrification pump * dimension: ca 1,7 x L 1,6 m x H 2,3 m * weight kg. 1800 * CE version
Białystok Poland
5935 km
excellent (used)
VOMM 90kW granulator 1t / h on sawdust, very good granulator with matrices Bhdxh7hu9d
Pellet line, wood pellets Pellet diameter: Ø6 / Ø8 mm Capacity Pellet press up to : 3 t / h Capacity dryer up to : 2 t / h Included Acceptance bunker Shredder Magnetic tape slug Hammer mill Tubular magnet cyclone Drum dryer Hydraulically moving floor with 200 m screw discharge Trough snail Maturing container with agitator Dosing screw Conditioner Kahl presses 38-780 (2x - 110 kW) Special cooler cooler Storage silo Conveyor belts Fan Eaj0xn Grecon spark detection system Wheel loader filter Cont...
Filderstadt - Bonlanden , Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6838 km
List price basic machine net: 79.995 € plus VAT. Requirements: - Material must be free-flowing (less than 18 mm) - Material must be pure, ash content less than 0.9 % ATRO Attention with: sand, stones and minerals - it is pressed by pressing tongs - Material must be dry, maximum 15 % ATRO Csc33moo New: Innovative combination of briquette and pellet Options against surcharge: Plant engineering / mütek system technology: - mütek Shredder MRZ shredding technology - conveyor belts - Overbelt magnets ...
Pellet system Make CPM TYPE: 7930 -4 Drive315kW Power 4,5 to/h Year of manufacture 2015 Consists of: Fn38knx Modular 5 piece container construction Distribution double screw conveyor Discharge system Ripening container Autom. filling level monitoring Dosing unit Pellet millCPM Cooling screen Compl. switchgear
Produktionslinje för trä pellets till salu. Komplett fabrik / linje för produktion av 30 000 - 40 000 ton pellets per år. Anläggningen har använt sågspån med 50% fuktinnehåll från gran som råmaterial. Det finns även en linje för användning av returvirke som råvara. K8kjds8p Anläggningen består av följande stora element. Inmatning med lamellmatare Hammar kvarn för torrt returvirke, Maier, Tyskland Rotertork, gör Van den Brock, Nederländerna, kapacitet 5 ton / vatten per timme. Pulverbrännare...
Białystok Poland
5935 km
excellent (used)
Simon Hessen V75 75kW granulator in very good condition Sawdust capacity 0.6 to 1 t / h 2rpns3
Drive: Electric three-phase motor Installed power: 45kW hourly output*: 250 - 450 kg Pellet diameter: 6 mm Die diameter: 398 mm, (working diameter 360 mm) Roller wheel 4 rollers, diameter 180 mm Dimensions: (HxWxD) 170 x 90 x 130 cm Weight 950 kg *The hourly production of the machine varies according to the the type of biomass used. The estimated data are purely indicative and are therefore not binding in any way. B9ubwfv
Białystok Poland
5935 km
excellent (used)
I have to sell three Simon Heseen V3 / 150 132kW granulators - after general renovation - very good condition Cxskd9eda - 450 mm / 109 mm ring matrix for 8mm or 6mm pellets - 132 kW engine
Pellet press Milltech C95-185 engine 90kW machine from 2008 in very good condition Bhkklzwehq
Białystok Poland
5935 km
excellent (used)
Model 2000 CPM granulator with 90kW engine Efficiency on straw sawdust 1-1.2 t / h Nvkoh Very good granulator
I will sell a Kahl 38-780 granulator, 90kW engine Bhdxekzrox

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